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Mark Rauch

Living Trust Advisor
San Diego, California, USA

Estate Planning

Professional Summary

Mark Rauch has been assisting people to get their Estate Plan and Living Trust in place for more than 18 years. He has assisted over 800 clients that were built through client referrals. He has a passion to help people receive the proper information to save time, frustration and money.

A Living Trust ensures a way for your family to easily divide your assets according to your wishes after you have passed. Anyone who owns real estate or has significant wealth should consider creating a Living Trust.

A Living Trust ensures privacy; Eliminates involvement of the court (probate) as you settle your affairs; Minimize estate taxes and guarantee you pay the lowest estate tax possible; Hold Assets in Trust to ensure your children don’t receive their inheritance until they are mature enough to appreciate and manage wealth they receive. provides information on estate planning based on the experience of attorneys that have generated over 60,000 Living Trust and Estate Planning portfolios and, most important, the knowledge of settling 1,000′s of estates.

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San Diego, California, USA 92101
Living Trust Advisor
Estate Planning
1999 - Present
Responsible for counseling individuals on setting up a Living Trust to protect their families. all operations of the company. We provide assistance with estate planning based on the experience of generating over 80,000 Living Trust and Estate Planning portfolios and the knowledge of settling 1,000's of estates effeciently.

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