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Gratian Joseph, MBA


San Francisco, California, USA

Corporation - Privately-Held

Professional Summary

Founder of software company to track the overwhelming number of tax laws, regulations, and requirements for multinational companies around the world. We save companies an extraordinary amount of time and money in the collection and organization of data insights that go far beyond traditional information required for tax reporting. We developed software to keep multinational clients up to date on tax laws, rules, and regulations, filing deadlines, document requirements, tax rates, tax forms in multiple languages and so much more. Key decision-makers can reach me directly at REQUEST Orbitax Tour at this link:

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Industry Experience

    • Tax Technology
    • Consulting




  • Tax Technology
  • Tax Automation
  • International Tax


San Francisco, California, USA 94044
Corporation - Privately-Held
2002 - Present
Our 100+ employee company delivers a powerful platform and solution for multinational companies needing a data management solution. Analyzing tax legislation, tax rules, tax rates, changing tax forms in more than 195 countries, creates on average more than 100 changes a day worldwide, requires the reliable solution known as Orbitax.

The Orbitax platform gives multinational enterprises the flexibility they need to analyze vast numbers of variables at lightning speed. Orbitax was designed as a single integrated platform from which a company can subscribe to any or all modules, depending on company needs. With over 1,000 multinationals as clients, the Orbitax platform is designed to help users by reducing time/effort on repetitive, routine tasks, carry out exhaustive research, use templates that are tried and tested, develop tax strategies and explore scenarios, enabling large productivity gains.
KPMG, Silicon Valley
California, USA 94088
Tax Partner, International
Public Accounting Firm - Big Four
1993 - 2001
Responsible for managing international tax practice and team for the KPMG office in Silicon Valley. Advise multinational corporate clients on cross border transactions, tax planning and compliance activities. Assisted clients in identifying, designing, negotiating, and implementing tax advantaged transactions and efficient global structures. Monitor tax legislation to ensure clients were up to date on tax rules and regulations around the world.

Given my deep knowledge of clients’ needs and challenges in collecting, analyzing, and reporting this information throughout multinational organizations, this experience motivated me to come up with a robust solution for clients. The need for a solution resulted in the genesis of Orbitax.


BS, Accounting
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, Illinois, United States
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Champaign, Illinois, United States

Professional Certifications

Chartered Certified Accountant, UK

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