What Is A Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is a business address in the cloud that ensures anyone can reach you for free. You are no longer blocked by sites who prevent others from ever reaching you. A Virtual Office ensures that more people find you and can access you anytime, anywhere without paying a fee to do so. Professionals are acquiring virtual offices to ensure all business opportunities are able to reach them from any location in the world with internet access.

You no longer need a brick and mortal commercial building to operate your business; you reduce the expense of an office lease in a commercial building. Whether you are home, meeting someone in the lobby of a fine hotel, sitting at the table of a restaurant, or traveling the globe, a virtual office enables you to operate successfully and professionally in the cloud. TaxConnections provides a virtual office solution that provides simplicity and affordability.

TaxConnections Membership ensures anyone can reach you, anytime and anywhere around the world. Now is the time to secure your professional future in the cloud.

(Special Note: If you are on any sites that ask people to pay to see your full profile or send a message, you are losing business and opportunities. You are blocked; smartly unblock yourself by becoming a TaxConnections Member today.)

What Is A Virtual Phone?

phone system

Add a virtual phone for a seamless connection between your desktop, laptop and cell phone. You are able to place calls from any location; you have instant messaging and team chat; a presence indicator to see who is working on your team; share and collaborate on files from any location; switch calls and transfer from your desktop to a cell phone; share your computer screen or cell phone screen; train and make live presentations; access your office voicemail and email; take a picture, scan and fax documents; encrypted file sharing and storage; and continuous backup in a private protected and secured environment if your business equipment fails.

If electricity, internet connection or equipment fails you are back to business within minutes through the virtual phone system and your cell phone. Our media partner provides the highest quality virtual phone on the market at the lowest price. It is an add-on service that TaxConnections offers through its leading technology, low cost partner arrangement.

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Place and receive phone calls from your desktop computer or your cell phone. All it takes is one click to flip calls from your desktop phone to your cell phone.


Use instant messaging to chat with individuals or teams members about a project you are working on. It is all in real-time and encrypted so you get immediate answers from your team.


You can access, share and collaborate from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone files knowing your files are always secure, safe and meet HIPAA compliant standards.


You are up and running your business within minutes from your cell phone in case of internet outage, equipment failure, or any natural disaster or emergency that could potentially occur.


You are provided a complimentary web fax line to send to faxes to your clients and customers anywhere and anytime throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


From your cell phone you can easily switch calls between your desktop computer, your laptop computer and your cell phone with one simple click.


Set up a video conference easily from your desktop computer, laptop computer or cell phone and coordinate speakers and attendees via video and audio communications.


Share your desktop, laptop or cell phone screen during training, client discussions, special presentations, reports or anything you want to show to others during your discussion.


The phone system connects into your desktop or laptop computer which smartly connects you to your cell phone via a Desktop App to Mobile App.


This great feature enables you to access your office desktop voicemail using a Mobile App to gain access to your voicemail which has been transcripted for you word for word.


The Desktop and Mobile App includes a Presence Indicator which enables you to see whether your company contact is currently available or too busy to speak with you at the time.


The Desktop App provides the flexibility to communicate between your desktop and cell phone. See who is available, chat, place/receive calls, share video screens and files


Receive a complimentary desktop phone that is plug and play, delivered pre-configured to work seamlessly with your cellphone. No special setup or technician required.


Your data is private and protected in a secure, SOC 2-audited cloud. The service offers a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement. If you have questions, we are here 24/7.


The service helps you maintain regulatory compliance required by law. In addition, the service has earned the highest rating and is JD Power technical support certified.


The encrypted feature enables file and folder backup across user devices along with enterprise backup and file sharing service which protects against accidental deletion.


What Is A Virtual Mailbox?

The Virtual Mailbox is ideal for anyone who wants an online solution to mail management. Manage your mail from anywhere in the world without ever stepping foot inside a post office again. The Virtual Mailbox is simple and affordable.

Receive your mail from any location worldwide, whether it be at home, dining in a restaurant, a hotel, traveling on vacation or working around the world. Join a new world of business professionals who receive their mail anywhere, anytime. You are free to roam the world with this online mailbox management solution.


Testimonials - See And Learn What People Are Saying

“What TaxConnections has accomplished is amazing. I was losing business on LinkedIn because people could not reach me or send a message without paying for upgrades to message me. The majority of my old business contacts are now reaching me through TaxConnections since they do not charge anyone to message me. Several clients from years past found me through TaxConnections and for that I am grateful.” H.M.

“Having moved from a Big Four firm to a law firm to a corporation within the last five years, colleagues lost track of me. They had no idea I moved or the best way to reach me and they did not want to pay a fee to send me a message through another well-known site. This entire problem was solved when I became a TaxConnections Member. TaxConnections virtual office has made me a dedicated believer.” C.C.

“At first I saw TaxConnections as a Directory of Tax Professionals. I thought to myself “How would it benefit me to be grouped with thousands of other tax professionals?” It was only after the CEO explained to me grouping a community of like-minded professionals together online brings the group to the top of the search engines together that I understood the unique value. Several clients found me through TaxConnections since could not connect with me through other sites without paying.” M. R.

“Prior to joining TaxConnections, I was paying for multiple services that were costly and confusing. TaxConnections Virtual Office listing drives new business to me; TaxConnections virtual phone system partner provides all the phone, video conferencing, virtual phone call transfers, voicemail, chat, encrypted and HIPAA compliant file storage service, secure back up system for any disaster, webfax and 24/7 training and support. All of this value for under thirty dollars a month is amazing. WOW, thank you so much!” G. H.

“While other social sites were using my personal information to their own advantage, I learned that TaxConnections never sells members data or information. They also do not allow advetising trackers on their site to protect the privacy of their members.” R.S.



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