Tutorial For Making Your Own Tax Training Videos


You will need to find a quiet place to record your teachings. Are there any noises around you that would affect the taping? Is there a barking dog nearby? Are there any other ambient noises such as air conditioning, traffic or airplanes that could be obtrusive to the audio of the video? Our ears/brain ignores sounds that microphones hear.


We suggest wearing professional and comfortable attire. Try to avoid wearing items of clothing that have saturated reds and thin stripes.


We suggest a camera with a video quality of at least 1080p. It is best to place the camera about 3-4 feet from you and at eye level.


We suggest a basic white background during taping; you can purchase a white screen online through Amazon for under one hundred dollars. View video instructions at


The easiest solution is to make a 3-point lighting setup. You can watch a YouTube video of how to set it up. There are also an all-inclusive set you can buy on Amazon for less than $200.


You will need a clip-on lapel microphone. These are usually wireless and come with a box that connects to your video camera. Having your microphone as close as possible to your mouth will help the best. Reverberation can be a problem with audio recording. Clapping your hands will check for bad echoes. Reverb is caused by sound getting trapped between two parallel surfaces bouncing back and forth from them. Rooms with lot of different objects are usually the best as they break up the reverberation.


Make sure you know how long your video camera can record before starting. This way you won’t be interrupted in the middle of the lesson you are recording.

Uploading Your Video To Us

There is an assortment of large file size delivery methods. The most popular being Filezilla or Dropbox. These allow you to upload your video file and then send us the link to download it.


You will need professional editing done (TaxConnections offers professional editing services at $45.00 per hour). Request a price quote from if you want us to edit for you; if you have already edited your video we will program it into your TaxConnections Professional Profile page for promotion to our global audience.

We Take Care of The Rest

TaxConnections will engineer a Payment Gateway tied to your email address that will remit you in real time through a PayPal Account for every tax training video purchased. You will need to register for a Standard/Free PayPal Account and submit the email address attached to your PayPal Account so that we can remit your PayPal account directly in real time. Go To This PayPal Link.

Please Contact For Information On Uploading Your Tax Education Videos.



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