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Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians
Author: Vlad Trkulja
Type: Book
Price: $18.99
Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians provides individuals and business owners with effective tax-planning strategies designed to reduce taxable income, generate tax deductions, increase tax refunds, increase potential investment returns, defer tax, increase wealth, and minimize probate and estate taxes. When implemented properly the strategies discussed in this book are legitimate tax-planning strategies recognized by many financial planners, financial experts, chartered accountants,..
The Genealogist's Guide to Researching Tax Records
Author: Carol Cook Darrow & Susan Winchester
Type: Book
Price: $20.48
The Genealogist's Guide to Researching Tax Records - Carol Cook Darrow, CG and Susan Winchester, Ph. D., CPA. The Census taker came every ten years and often missed people. The tax collector came every year and seldom missed anyone. The Genealogist's Guide to Researching Tax Records will give you the techniques to locate, read, and understand the valuable information in these Annual records. Researching tax records, which date from the 1620s to the present day, can help you establish the..
Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform
Author: Leslie Carbone
Type: Book
Price: $25.27
In the natural order, virtue and vice each carries its own consequences. On the one hand, virtue yields largely positive results. Hard work, patience, and carefulness, for example, tend to generate prosperity. Vice, on the other hand, brings negative consequences. Sloth, impatience, and recklessness, for example, tend toward suffering. In Slaying Leviathan, Leslie Carbone argues that since the early twentieth century, U.S. tax policy has been designed to mitigate the natural economic results..
A Theory of the Firm's Cost of Capital
Author: Ramesh K S Rao & Eric C Stevens
Type: Book
Price: $93.75
The cost of capital concept has myriad applications in business decision-making. The standard methodology for deriving cost of capital estimates is based on the seminal Modigliani-Miller analyses. This book generalizes this framework to include non-debt tax shields (e.g., depreciation), interactions between the borrowing rate and tax shields, and default considerations. It develops several new results and shows how better cost of capital and marginal tax rate estimates can be generated. The..
The Tax Law of Charitable Giving
Author: Bruce R. Hopkins
3rd Edition
Type: Book
Price: $273.31
The Tax Law of Charitable Giving, Fourth Edition is completely revised, revamped, and updated. Written in plain English, it can help lawyers, managers, and development directors in tax-exempt organizations make sure they are up to date on all current regulations pertaining to charitable gifts. Detailed documentations and citations are provided. As well, references to regulations, rulings, cases, and tax literature are included. Nonprofit lawyers, accountants, and fundraising professionals can..
Concepts in Federal Taxation 2013
Author: Higgins Murphy
Type: Software
Price: $343.51
Comes with a H&R BLOCK At Home™ Tax Preparation Software CD-ROM and RIA Checkpoint 6-Month Printed Access Card
Aircraft Ownership : A Legal and Tax Guide
Author: Raymond C Speciale
Type: eBook
Price: $49.95
Offers how to information and solutions to the most common legal and tax issues facing general aviation aircraft owners--in layman's terms* Flow charts, diagrams, and legal case briefs provide real world scenarios of each discussion* CD-ROM contains downloadable forms, agreements, and checklists
The Canadian Snowbird in America
Author: Terry F. Ritchie & Brian D. Wruk (Author)
1st Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $11.95
This guide provides a comprehensive overview of financial-management issues for Canadians living in the United States in clear and simple language. Through improved awareness of the financial, immigration, health care, insurance, tax, and estate-planning differences between the two countries, snowbirds will learn to make smarter financial decisions and make the most of the dual-residency lifestyle.
CPA Exam Review 2013 Test Bank CD, Regulation
Author: O. Ray Whittington
18th Edition
Type: Software
Price: $109.20
INCLUDES ONE-YEAR ACCESS TO CD contains PIN code providing access to the Online Test Bank for one year Sync all your practice sessions to for backup and anytime access from any PC or Mac Download new question sets from Online updates ensure you always have the most current content Highly organized, up to date, comprehensive Multiple-choice questions and their solutions help you sharpen your problem-solving skills Progress charts by topic clearly..
The Complete CPA Reference
Author: Nick Dauber, Jae K. Shim & Joel G. Siege
5th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $55.25
The newly updated fast-reference problem solver The Complete CPA Desk Reference-the convenient, comprehensive reference professionals have relied on for nearly fifteen years-is now updated in a new Fifth Edition to give todays busy executives and accountants the helpful information they need in a quick-reference format. Packed with practical techniques and rules of thumb for solving day-to-day accounting issues, the new edition helps you quickly pinpoint what to look for, what to watch out for,..



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