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QuickBooks 2013 & Accounting For Dummies Set
Author: Stephen L. Nelson & John A. Tracy
Kindle Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $19.24
Two complete e-books on accounting essentials and using QuickBooks for one low price! This unique value-priced e-book set brings together two bestselling For Dummies books in a single e-book file. Including a comprehensive table of contents and the full text of each book, complete with cover, this e-book set helps you learn the essentials of accounting and then manage your accounting records with QuickBooks 2013. Best of all, you'll pay less than the cost of each book purchased separately.
Payroll Accounting 2013
Author: Bernard J. Bieg & Judith A. Toland
23rd Edition
Type: Book
Price: $186.49
Prepare your students for career success with first-hand experience in calculating payroll, completing payroll taxes, and preparing payroll records and reports. The 2013 edition of Bieg/Toland's market-leading text addresses all of the latest laws and up-to-the-minute updates regarding payroll. Students focus on applications rather than theory, and strong end-of-chapter material reinforces concepts and provides invaluable hands-on learning experiences. Numerous new examples and real business..
Journal of Taxation
Author: Thomson Reuters Tax & Acct
Issues:12 issues / 12 months
Type: Journal
Price: $425.50
Devoted to the practical needs of the sophisticated practitioner, the Journal of Taxation provides in-depth articles by leading practitioners that examine the problems that tax lawyers and CPAs are likely to face in their own practices. The Journal of Taxation virtually guarantees that you're up-to-the-minute on the tax news that matters most to you by providing you with the latest tax law changes, court decisions, revenue rulings and administrative actions.
National Tax Journal
Author: National Tax Association
Issues:4 issues / 12 months
Type: Journal
Price: $100.00
The National Tax Journal is published quarterly by the National Tax Association as one method of fulfilling certain of the purposes of the organization, namely to encourage research in government finance by all interested persons and the dissemination of the resultant knowledge. Articles deal with topics of current interest in the fields of taxation, public finances and economics. The goal of the National Tax Journal (NTJ) is to encourage and disseminate high quality original research on..
Funny Worlds Greatest Tax Preparer Occupation Job Cartoon - Memory Book
Author: Dooni Designs Worlds Greatest Cartoons
12 X 12 Memory Book
Type: Book
Price: $20.99
Funny Worlds Greatest Tax Preparer Occupation Job Cartoon Drawing Book is a great way to start sketching, drawing, designing, scrapbooking, or just jotting down your thoughts. This unique spiral bound hard covered book includes acid free bright white paper and features twin loop wire spring binding. A great alternative to the standard photo album or notebook. Perfect for use with crayons, markers, paints, pastels, stickers, pencils and pens. Great as a gift for any occasion. Enjoyed by all ages...
Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Your Taxes
Author: Kenneth M. Morris
Type: Book
Price: $4.00
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Your Taxes is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand guide that de-mystifies the process of taxes. Easy-to-use and designed for use all year long, this uncomplicated, graphic approach to the often bewildering world of taxes is the perfect companion to annual preparation guides and an ideal planning primer. 200 four-color and black-and-white photos, diagrams, and charts. It initiates you into the mysteries of the tax process and educates you regarding..
Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration
Author: Intl Asso of Assessing Officers & Intl Property Tax Institute
Issues: 4 issues / 12 months
Type: Journal
Price: $238.10
The Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration (JPTAA) is a joint publication of IAAO and the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI). Approximately 7,800 people read JPTAA each quarter The Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration has been providing its readership with an international forum for the dissemination of theoretical and practice-based research in the fields of property tax assessment and administration. The aim of the Journal is to develop theory and..
Landlord Tax Deduction Kit
Author: Adams
Type: Software
Price: $4.99
For Landlords who want to save money and lower taxes Understand depreciation, tax credits, expenses and more
Canada Tax Guide
Author: International Business Publication
Type: Book
Price: $109.59
Published by International Business Publications, this book provides Detailed information on corporate and personal taxation system and regulations.
The Political Economy of Corporation Tax: Theory, Values and Law Reform
Author: John Snape
Type: Book
Price: $100.46
Excellent technical writing on corporation tax abounds, but it tends to be inaccessible to the public lawyer, the political theorist, or the political economist. Although recent years have seen not only an explosion in public law scholarship, but also a reawakening of interest in interpretative political theory and political economy, the potential of these perspectives to illuminate the corporation tax debate has remained unexplored. This important work reconciles these disparate strands of..



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