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How to Pay Zero Taxes 2013
Author: Jeff Schnepper
30th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $17.00
Updated for 2013-hundreds of deductions, credits, and exemptions that save you big money at tax time! How to Pay Zero Taxes 2013focuses on how to pay fewer taxes, rather than how to fill out forms and figure out what you owe. It covers more deductions than any other tax book-expenses like child care and elder care, relocation, job hunting, mortgages and points, investments, and 401(k)s. Jeff A. Schnepperis the author of all 28 previous editions of How to Pay Zero Taxes, in addition to several..
Legal Offshore Tax Havens
Author: Jessie A Schmitt
Type: eBook
Price: $17.48
Legal Offshore Tax Havens: How Take Legal Advantage of the IRS Code and Pay Less in Taxes This book will show you how to legally protect your money and take advantage of the off shore tax system. You will learn how to develop business opportunities, how to avoid excessive taxation, and how to avoid scams. In addition, you will learn about the safest, most private nations, what is and what is not legal, the best haven for your specific purposes, mistakes to avoid, legal issues, and basic off..
The American in Canada
Author: Brian D. Wruk
Type: Book
Price: $17.95
For Americans either contemplating a move or already living in Canada, this reference answers all the questions necessary to successfully plan the transition, including immigration planning, customs planning, cash management, income tax planning, retirement, wills and estates, risk management, and investments.  According to the Association for Canadian Studies, more than 10,000 Americans moved to Canada in 2006, a new 30-year record. The similarity in language, currency, culture, services, and..
Taxes in America: What Everyone Needs to Know
Author: Leonard E. Burman & Joel Slemrod (Author)
Type: Book
Price: $12.45
Despite their passion and fury, contemporary Americans are remarkably clueless about how their tax system works. But with heated debates over taxation now roiling Congress and the nation, an understanding of our tax system is of vital importance.  Taxes in America, by preeminent tax scholars Leonard E. Burman and Joel Slemrod, offers a clear, concise explanation of how our tax system works, how it affects people and businesses, and how it might be improved. Accessibly written and organized in..
Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting For Dummies
Author: Sharon Farris
1st Edition
Type: Book
Price: $15.19
Your hands-on guide to keeping great records and keeping your nonprofit running smoothly Need to get your nonprofit books in order? This practical guide has everything you need to know to operate your nonprofit according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) — from documenting transactions and budgeting to filing taxes, preparing financial statements, and much more. You'll see how to stay organized, keep records, and be prepared for an audit. Begin with the basics —..
Flat Tax Revolution: Using a Postcard to Abolish the IRS
Author: Steve Forbes
Type: Book
Price: $22.46
File your taxes on a postcard? Impossible! Guess again, says Steve Forbes, in his important new book Flat Tax Revolution. In fact, countries around the world have freed their taxpayers to do just that—and we can too with a simple flat tax that will slash tax rates, spur economic growth, and put the IRS out of business.  As Steve Forbes shows, the Flat Tax shouldn’t be a partisan issue—it should be a taxpayer issue. And you can make it happen. What are you waiting for? Buy this book and..
Tax Loopholes for eBay Sellers: Pay Less Tax and Make More Money
Author: Diane Kennedy & Janelle Elms (Author)
Type: Book
Price: $21.62
Hundreds of Legal Deductions for eBay Sellers! If you’re an online seller, take note: now you can reduce--or even eliminate--the taxes you pay using the insider tips in Tax Loopholes for eBay Sellers. You’ll discover hundreds of little-known, completely legal tax deductions and reporting tips that are unique to eBay and designed to benefit small business owners. Learn what the IRS is looking for when sorting out a real business from a hobby and why it matters. You’ll get step-by-step..
Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits
Author: Ilona Bray, J.D.
3rd Edition
Type: Book
Price: $17.99
Getting tax-exempt status for your nonprofit organization is just the first step toward succeeding in your mission -- ultimately, your nonprofit's effectiveness depends entirely on your ability to raise money. Fortunately, Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits will show you how. Featuring advice and stories from over 40 experienced fundraisers, foundation staffers, journalists, and more, the 3rd edition of Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits offers strategies for raising donations from..
Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements
Author: Stephen Fishman, J.D.
7th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $24.99
Protect yourself and your business The independent contractor relationship has a great deal of flexibility which is why it's important both parties are in clear and mutual agreement from the beginning. Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements is the most comprehensive guide available and will show you how to protect your rights and your business, including: define a project's scope, components and duration protect your trade secrets, trademarks, patents and copyrights getting paid..
Estate Planning for Blended Families
Author: Richard Barnes, Attorney
1st Edition
Type: Book
Price: $20.99
Estate planning solutions for your whole family. In nearly half of all stepfamilies, one spouse or the other brings a child or children with them. But while most estate planning books give a general overview of the process of creating a will, trust or other estate plan, most do not have the information that couples in a second marriage need to provide for the entirety of their family. Estate Planning for Blended Families is the first book that will help you provide for your current spouse as..



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