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Aircraft Ownership : A Legal and Tax Guide
Author: Raymond C Speciale
Type: eBook
Price: $49.95
Offers how to information and solutions to the most common legal and tax issues facing general aviation aircraft owners--in layman's terms* Flow charts, diagrams, and legal case briefs provide real world scenarios of each discussion* CD-ROM contains downloadable forms, agreements, and checklists
The Canadian Snowbird in America
Author: Terry F. Ritchie & Brian D. Wruk (Author)
1st Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $11.95
This guide provides a comprehensive overview of financial-management issues for Canadians living in the United States in clear and simple language. Through improved awareness of the financial, immigration, health care, insurance, tax, and estate-planning differences between the two countries, snowbirds will learn to make smarter financial decisions and make the most of the dual-residency lifestyle.
CPA Exam Review 2013 Test Bank CD, Regulation
Author: O. Ray Whittington
18th Edition
Type: Software
Price: $109.20
INCLUDES ONE-YEAR ACCESS TO CD contains PIN code providing access to the Online Test Bank for one year Sync all your practice sessions to for backup and anytime access from any PC or Mac Download new question sets from Online updates ensure you always have the most current content Highly organized, up to date, comprehensive Multiple-choice questions and their solutions help you sharpen your problem-solving skills Progress charts by topic clearly..
The Complete CPA Reference
Author: Nick Dauber, Jae K. Shim & Joel G. Siege
5th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $55.25
The newly updated fast-reference problem solver The Complete CPA Desk Reference-the convenient, comprehensive reference professionals have relied on for nearly fifteen years-is now updated in a new Fifth Edition to give todays busy executives and accountants the helpful information they need in a quick-reference format. Packed with practical techniques and rules of thumb for solving day-to-day accounting issues, the new edition helps you quickly pinpoint what to look for, what to watch out for,..
The Vest Pocket CPA
Author: Joel Siegel, Nick Dauber & Jae Shim
4th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $29.11
The Vest Pocket CPA is the perfect up-to-date reference tool for today's accountants in public practice and private industry, and accounting and executives who interface with outside auditors. It is written in an easy Q & A format and packed with checklists, samples, and worked-out solutions to a wide variety of accounting problems in the areas of financial accounting, financial statement analysis, financial planning, managerial accounting, quantitative analysis & modeling, auditing,..
CPA Exam Review 2013: Auditing and Attestation
Author: O. Ray Whittington
Type: Book
Price: $54.14
Everything todays CPA candidates need to pass the CPA Exam Published annually, this Auditing and Attestation volume of the comprehensive four-volume paperback reviews all current AICPA content requirements in auditing and attestation. Many of the questions are taken directly from previous CPA exams. With 3,800 multiple-choice questions in all four volumes, these study guides provide all the information candidates need to master in order to pass the computerized Uniform CPA Examination. Its..
You Can Pass the CPA Exam
Author: Debra R Hopkins
2nd Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $24.95
Each year, over 120,000 CPA exam candidates continue to attempt to pass the CPA exam.  It is a stressful event in the life of an accountant, and the stress goes beyond just the knowledge and the exam itself because of the high percentage (85%), of first time students who fail.  This book discusses what really happens at the CPA exam and how the candidate can better control the outcome.  It provides the expert guidance on the techniques needed to pass today's CPA exam.
The IRS Problem Solver
Author: Daniel J Pilla
Type: Book
Price: $13.31
The IRS Problem Solver: From Audits to Assessments--How to Solve Your Tax Problems and Keep the IRS Off Your Back Are you burdened with the tax debt of a current or former spouse? Have you just received an IRS computerized or "correction" notice? Are you in danger of having your property seized? Has your tax return been selected for an audit? Is the IRS knocking on your door? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone: more than twenty-five million taxpayers are..
The Fair Tax Book Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS
Author: Neal Boortz & John Linder
Type: Book
Price: $14.24
Wouldn't you Love to abolish the IRS ... Keep all the Money in your paycheck ... Pay taxes on what you spend, not what you earn ... And eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system? Then the FairTax is for you. In the Face of the outlandish American Tax burden, talk-radio firebrand Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder are leading the charge to phase out our current, unfair system and enact the FairTax Plan, replacing the federal Income tax and withholding system with..
Endangered Speeches - How the ACLU, IRS & LBJ Threaten Extinction of Free Speech
Author: William J Federer
Type: Book
Price: $17.55
"The Church is the conscience of the State," wrote Martin Luther King, Jr., but is it anymore?  With threats of Hate Crime Legislation and the Fairness Censorship Doctrine, find out how churches used to speak on public issues, but are afraid to now? Read how pastors previously endorsed candidates and spoke on political issues such as slavery, war, prohibition, child labor, women’s suffrage, Sunday blue laws and civil rights? What was originally meant by “separation of church & state”?..



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