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Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration
Author: Intl Asso of Assessing Officers & Intl Property Tax Institute
Issues: 4 issues / 12 months
Type: Journal
Price: $238.10
The Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration (JPTAA) is a joint publication of IAAO and the International Property Tax Institute (IPTI). Approximately 7,800 people read JPTAA each quarter The Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration has been providing its readership with an international forum for the dissemination of theoretical and practice-based research in the fields of property tax assessment and administration. The aim of the Journal is to develop theory and..
Landlord Tax Deduction Kit
Author: Adams
Type: Software
Price: $4.99
For Landlords who want to save money and lower taxes Understand depreciation, tax credits, expenses and more
Canada Tax Guide
Author: International Business Publication
Type: Book
Price: $109.59
Published by International Business Publications, this book provides Detailed information on corporate and personal taxation system and regulations.
The Political Economy of Corporation Tax: Theory, Values and Law Reform
Author: John Snape
Type: Book
Price: $100.46
Excellent technical writing on corporation tax abounds, but it tends to be inaccessible to the public lawyer, the political theorist, or the political economist. Although recent years have seen not only an explosion in public law scholarship, but also a reawakening of interest in interpretative political theory and political economy, the potential of these perspectives to illuminate the corporation tax debate has remained unexplored. This important work reconciles these disparate strands of..
Property Tax Reform in Developing Countries
Author: Jay K. Rosengard
Type: Book
Price: $193.95
Property Tax Reform in Developing Countries provides a conceptual framework for property tax reform with the intention of making the most compelling argument possible to persuade the reader as to its validity. The text claims that a model for property tax reform in developing countries is derived from a theoretical distillation of empirical experience. The primary objective of this study is to establish, through logic, theory and observation: what constitutes a good property tax system, for..
Common Corporate Tax Base in the Eu (Zew Economic Studies)
Author: Andreas Oestreicher & Christoph Spengel
Type: Book
Price: $75.10
The European Commission envisages putting forward a proposal for a tax reform that would allow improving the efficiency and simplicity of the corporate income tax systems. This report assesses the impact of a Common Corporate Tax Base (CCTB) on the size of the corporate tax bases of EU companies. The results of the report shall help to evaluate the economic consequences of the introduction of a harmonized set of tax accounting rules. The estimates are based on the European Tax Analyzer with..
Tax Us If You Can - Why Africa Should Stand Up for Tax Justice
Author: Tax Justice Network-Africa , Tax Justice Network Africa , Khadije Sharife , Yash Tandon
Type: Book
Price: $18.38
This short introduction to issues of tax justice sets out the meaning and causes of tax injustice and offers options for a more just future. In Africa, as elsewhere, tax revenues are essential for establishing independent states of free citizens but many commodity exports from Africa are exempt from taxation. Taxes in Africa are often regressive, and tax and customs administration ineffective.The 'tax consensus' promoted by multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank and the International..
Selling Real Estate Without Paying Taxes
Author: Richard Williamson
Type: Book
Price: $6.98
The decline and instability of the financial market has led to a white-hot market in real estate. Millions of investors are moving their money from equities to real estate. As the rate of transactions increases sellers are discovering that there are some tax surprises associated with selling real estate. The two primary tax considerations are capital gains and recapture of depreciation. Between the two, Federal and State taxes can be as much as one third of the profit on the sale of a property...
Tax Deductions for Professionals
Author: Stephen Fishman, J.D.
8th Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $19.99
Reduce your tax burden with the only "know how" guide to deductions for professionals. Winner of the Independent Book Publisher's Association's Benjamin Franklin Award Hold on to more of your hard-earned money with the year-round tax-saving tips in Tax Deductions for Professionals. This easy-to-read guide will help you understand tax deductions so that you can make wise business decisions and operate profitably. Plus, unlike any other book out there, Tax Deductions for Professionals can help..
8 Ways to Avoid Probate
Author: Mary Randolph, J.D.
9th Edition
Type: eBook
Price: $13.99
Avoid probate and save time and money with these eight strategies Did you know? If you plan carefully, your estate may not have to go through the process of probate. Probate can drag on for years, and can easily cost your family thousands of dollars -- money that would otherwise have gone to them. 8 Ways to Avoid Probate offers simple and effective methods for skipping the probate process so that property goes directly to the intended beneficiaries. Using the simple, plain English instructions,..



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