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Reward Collecting Millions for Reporting Tax Evasion, Your Complete Guide to the IRS Whistleblower
Author: Joel D. Hesch
Type: Book
Price: $19.17
Reward: Collect Millions for Reporting Tax Evasion Are you aware... $350 billion in taxes go unpaid each year. The IRS pays 15-30% to report tax evasion. Multi-million dollar rewards are waiting. The new IRS Whistleblower Reward Program pays you up to 30% of the unpaid taxes it collects.  That means if a company or individual you know about underpaid their taxes, you could receive huge rewards for reporting them. If you have the right kind of a case, you will receive millions of dollars...
A Citizen's Guide to Negotiating and Working Through Tax Problems with the IRS
Author: Gladson I. Nwanna
Type: Book
Price: $40.45
This book provides information on various avenues available to taxpayers in resolving their tax-related problems or in working through their tax problems with the IRS. Readers are introduced not only to their rights but also to critical IRS processes, requirements and options such as Offer-in-Compromise, Installment Agreements, Appeal Processes and alternative problem resolution avenues such as the Taxpayer Advocate Services. References and sources for additional information are also provided.
Addressing Tax Risks Involving Bank Losses
Author: Oecd Publishing
Type: Book
Price: $37.68
The financial and economic crisis had a devastating impact on bank profits, with loss-making banks reporting global commercial losses of around USD 400 billion in 2008. This level of commercial losses has brought tax risks for both banks and revenue bodies.  These risks affect banks' profits, their capital base, and their level of certainty. For revenue bodies, the concern is that aggressive tax planning involving losses will further reduce already depleted tax revenues as a result of the..
How to Make 37%, Tax-Free, Without the Stock Market
Author: Mike Warren
Type: Book
Price: $16.15
This is what I have used before... Launch your Dreams! Now you can learn the super-charged secrets that will give you the edge you need to take charge of your financial future. Achieve success and stop working for money, and let your money work for you. Learn this east step-by-step system to make your dollars work tax-free Master the secrets that few others know; how to consistently make 37% and higher on your money  Create your own success without depending on the volatile stock market..
The Kid's Roth IRA Handbook, Securing Tax-Free Wealth from a Child's First Paycheck
Author: Tracy Foote
Type: Book
Price: $25.87
Money answers for employed children, their parents, the self-employed and enterpreneurs. This book is a starting point for children and parents to understand: .benefits of a Roth IRA .different types of child employment .different ways parents can employ their children .how parents can issue Forms W-2 for their child .basic taxes for children with low earned income .rules for children to contribute to a Roth IRA
Mauritius Tax Guide
Author: IBP USA
Type: Book
Price: $109.54
Detailed info on corporate and personal taxation system and regulations
Tax Sale Tactics
Author: Kathleen Walls
Type: Book
Price: $12.88
Have you ever dreamed of buying a piece of property at a fraction of its worth. Amassing wealth with a minimum investment. Impossible? No. Hundreds of investors do exactly that annually in any state in the U.S.A.  The secret is buying at a tax sale. Often, you can buy property for a song, but this isn't the only way to make money. Thou- sands of others reap a financial return at interest rates impossible in the stock market.  Although, you can acquire property this way at prices that would..
Bridging the Gap Organizing Your Small Business Bookkeeping for Tax Purposes
Author: Yvonne Fercy
Type: Book
Price: $13.22
Small Business Bookkeeping for Tax Purposes: helping the small business owner accurately organize their income and expenses. Proper recording helps the tax preparer better prepare the annual tax return.
Work Overseas How to Find a High-Paying, Tax-Free Job
Author: George L. Robinson
Type: Book
Price: $33.94
The author tells the reader what kinds of jobs are available, how to find them, how to approach the prospective employer, how to negotiate for the best possible pay and perks, and how to keep that high-paying job. The information contained in Work Overseas should enable the first time job seeker, as well as the career overseas expatriate, to conduct an effective and successful search for overseas employment. It is the complete package including a proven strategy, typical contract conditions,..
The Interesting History of Income Tax
Author: William J. Federer
Type: Book
Price: $19.76
The Interesting History of Income Tax William J. Federer "The only things certain are death and taxes" - Benjamin Franklin Yet few know America's interesting history of Income Tax, such as: *1787 - U.S. Constitution prohibited a "direct" Federal tax *1862 - "Revenue Tax" on incomes went into effect to finance the Union during the Civil War *1895 - Supreme Court made Income Tax unconstitutional *Woodrow Wilson thought tariffs on imports caused wars, so he worked to replace them with an Income..



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