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The United States Since 1980
Author: Dean Baker
Type: Book
Price: $26.50
Political Parties es the sharp right turn the United States has taken following the election of Ronald Reagan as president in 1980. It details how the Policies pursued by the Reagan administration were a break from the policies pursued by the prior administrations and the policies pursued in other wealthy countries.  The Reagan administration policies had the effect of redistributing both before-and after-tax Income upward, Creating a situation in which the bulk of the economic gains over the..
Getting Started in Annuities
Author: Gordon K. Williamson
1st Edition
Type: Book
Price: $20.36
Getting Started in annuities One of the most popular retirement Investment options, annuities are also among the most difficult to comprehend.  This handy volume provides an in-depth, easy-to-understand look at these complex instruments, revealing exactly what they are, how they work, and what advantages they have over other investment vehicles. Along with performance tables, sample portfolios, and a helpful Q & A section, you'll find up-to-date details on Tax Law changes
How to Buy a House with No (or Little) Money Down
Author: Martin A Shenkman & Warren Boroson
3rd Edition
Type: Book
Price: $19.49
Search timate guide to finding and financing a home Almost everyone aspires to owning a home, but the reality of coming up with a Large enough down payment often stands in the way of making that dream come true. No longer! How to Buy a House with No (or Little) Money Down has helped tens of thousands become homeowners, and now it's your turn! Financing your dream home can be possible even if you never thought you could.  This completely updated and expanded Third Edition shows you how. Even..
Public Finance
Author: S.N. Chand
Vol 2
Type: Book
Price: $17.29
Public Finance Is A Study Of Collection Of Revenue From The Public By The Government And Spending It For The Welfare Of Society. Although An Important Part Of Economics, Public Finance, As A Science Is Older Than Economics Itself. Actually, It Was The Forerunner Of Science To Which It Is Now Subordinate. The Writings Of Cameralists Dealt More Fully With This Part Of The Field Of Political Economy Than With Any Other. During The Last Two Decades Or So, Every Branch Of Economics Has Undergone..
A Contribution to the Pure Theory of Taxation
Author: Roger Guesnerie
Type: Book
Price: $39.49
Now available in paperback this Book investigates the way in which Tax systems affect economic efficiency and the distribution of welfare. It examines within a unified Framework questions that are usually treated in different areas of the literature: Institutional economics, Positive economics, Normative economics, and Political economics. It adheres to the rigorous Standards of pure theory while paying careful attention to the policy relevance of the arguments. Tax systems are viewed as..
Tax Policy for Aging Societies Lessons from Japan
Author: A. Okamoto
Type: Book
Price: $90.98
With a population that is aging faster than any other in the world, Japan faces serious public finance problems, particularly when it comes to tax and social security issues. The structural reforms that are urgently needed to accommodate the impending demographic change are the central theme of this book, which is the first work of its type to look at the Japanese tax and social security systems through a life-cycle general equilibrium simulation model.  The author aims to establish..
Poverty or Prosperity What Tax is Best for a Flourishing Economy
Author: Sheila Lawlor
Type: Book
Price: $19.34
A collection of essays by leading economists on how different tax regimes affect the overall prosperity of a country. The UK faces shrinking tax revenues and additional public spending demands, while taxpayers, jobs and investment can move to lower cost economies. The authors in this book argue these problems can be surmounted, if the tax system reflects supply and demand, as well as responding to social, cultural and political pressures.  Taxes that penalise incentive and hold back economic..
Economics of Value Added Tax
Author: Mohan Prasad Shrivastava, S.R. Singh & Satyendra Kumar Gupta
Type: Book
Price: $13.78
VAT (Value Added Tax) is a highly contentious, complex and timely concept. The latest brilliantly accomplished Book explores, highlights, analyses and provides a peerless Account of various issues and paradigms of VAT consisting of MANVAT (VAT at Manufacturing stage), MODVAT (Modified Value Added Tax), CENVAT (Central Value Added Tax) and State VAT comprising Economics of excise duties; additional excise duties in lieu of sales tax and allocation of revenue from VAT and CENVAT; Sales tax;..
Insight into Income Tax Based on Memory Retention Techniques
Author: Kaushal Kumar Agrawal
9th Edition
Type: Book
Price: $7.99
The present Book Insight into Income Tax: Based on Memory Retention Techniques, like its earlier editions, has been designed for both the beginners and the Advanced learners of Income Tax, introducing them to the full range of concepts of Income Tax.  Structured into two volumes, the book covers the syllabus prescribed in all major Indian Universities for the courses of B. Com. (H/P), CA (PE II), CS (Inter), Icwa (Inter), BBA, Mba and M.Com. In addition, it caters to the Academic needs of..
Family Tax Law
Author: Richard J. Wood
Type: Book
Price: $79.83
Family Tax Law, Second Edition, is organized around family law topics that also raise serious tax law issues. Its goal is to serve both the family law and tax law academic communities by providing a text book that links family law issues with related tax law problems. The book covers federal income tax issues concerning the formation and dissolution of family structures. It continues with chapters that address children, education, family health, family home and other family topics, along with..



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