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Bless This Home Office...with Tax Credits
Author: Brian Basset & Basset
Type: Book
Price: $12.56
Stay-At-Home parents have an ally in Adam, who struggles to raise three kids, keep the place clean, get office work done, and get on-line as often as possible Adam and Laura had everything worked out. Each morning, Laura left for her high-paying executive career while Adam stayed home in his sweats to take care of the kids, Clayton, Katy, and Baby Nick. It was the good life for Adam: mornings with morning TV, hours spent cruising the Internet, episodes of Barney with Nick, and a few brief trips..
How to Represent Yourself Against the IRS in the United States Tax Court
Author: Greg Okwuosah
Type: Book
Price: $22.36
This book in plain English gives you what you need in order to confidently prepare and present your case against the IRS before a Tax Court judge. No time is wasted in the book discussing information you don't need. Thus, you can quickly read the information it contains, digest it, and use it to focus on preparing your case. Step-by-step, the book walks you through how to file your petition with the Tax Court, prepare your case for trial (if it does not settle), and present it as clearly as..
Tax Policy in the Real World
Author: Joel Slemrod
Type: Book
Price: $45.64
Non-technical discussion by leading economists and scholars, illustrating how the principles of tax analysis can be applied to real-world issues.  Among the Topics addressed are the practical feasibility of Consumption tax alternatives to the current Income tax, the rationale and implications of devolution of fiscal responsibilities to State and local governments, the effect of tax policy on economic growth, and the value of local tax incentives designed to attract and retain business...
100 Million Unnecessary Returns: A Simple, Fair, and Competitive Tax Plan for the United States
Author: Michael J Graetz
Type: Book
Price: $36.56
To most Americans, the United States tax code has become a vast and confounding puzzle. In 1940, the instructions to the form 1040 were about four pages long.  Today they have ballooned to more than a hundred pages, and the form itself contains more than ten schedules and twenty worksheets. The complete tax code totals about 2.8 million words—about four times the length of War and Peace. In this intriguing book, Michael Graetz maintains that our tax code has become a tangle of loopholes,..
Employees How to Save Income Tax
Author: Taxmann Publication
21st Edition
Type: Book
Price: $14.99
Employees- How To Save Income Tax Book Description * How To Compute Salary Income * Valuation Of Perquisites  * How To Compute Property Income * How To Compute Capital Gains  * How To Compute Income From Other Sources  * Know About Some Exemptions, Certain Deemed Incomes And Clubbing Provisions  * Deductions & Reliefs  * Computation Of Net Income And Gross Tax  * Computation Of Net Tax Payable  * How To Pay Taxes  * File Your Returns Of Income *
Tax Research
Author: Barbara R Karlin
Type: Book
Price: $45.67
Oriented toward the process of conducting tax research in real world situations, this book presents the subject of tax research within a uniquely integrated format. First, it combines the presentation of how to perform research with a discussion of existing research resources. Secondly, it brings together a discussion of both electronic and print research tools. Emphasizing the process of using primary and secondary research tools, this book provides an essential tie between technical..
Generation Debt How Our Future Was Sold Out for Student Loans, Bad Jobs, NoBenefits, and Tax Cuts fo
Author: Anya Kamenetz
Type: Book
Price: $14.24
Generation Debt offers a truly gripping account of how young Americans are being ground down by low wages, high taxes, huge student loans, sky-high housing prices, not to mention the impending retirement of their baby boomer parents. Twenty-four-year-old Anya Kamenetz examines this issue from every angle and provides a riveting, rousing manifesto that will inspire everyone to take care of their financial future. Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly Surveying the economic realities..
Critical Tax Theory An Introduction
Author: Bridget J. Crawford
Type: Book
Price: $45.42
Tax law is political. This book highlights and explains the major themes and methodologies of a group of scholars who challenge the traditional claim that tax law is neutral and unbiased. The contributors to this volume include pioneers in the field of critical tax theory, as well as key thinkers who have sustained and expanded the investigation into why the tax laws are the way they are and what impacts tax laws have on historically dis empowered groups. This volume, assembled by two law..
The Economic Psychology of Tax Behaviour
Author: Erich Kirchler
Type: Book
Price: $109.09
Tax evasion is a complex phenomenon which is influenced not just by economic motives but by psychological factors as well. Economic-psychological research focuses on individual and social representations of taxation as well as decision-making.  In this 2007 book, Erich Kirchler assembles research on tax compliance, with a focus on tax evasion, and integrates the findings into a model based on the interaction climate between tax authorities and taxpayers. The interaction climate is defined by..
Property Taxes and Tax Revolts The Legacy of Proposition 13 1st Edition
Author: Arthur O'Sullivan, Terri A. Sexton & Steven M. Sheffrin
Type: Book
Price: $30.89
Property tax revolts have occurred both in the United States and abroad. This book examines the causes and consequences of property tax revolts, focusing on California's experience with Proposition 13.  New theoretical approaches and evidence from a comprehensive empirical study are used to highlight the equity and efficiency of property tax systems. Since property taxes are local government's main revenue source, the book includes a comparative study of the evolution of local government..



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