101 Ways to Save Money on Your Tax - Legally! 2013-2014

Author: Adrian Raftery
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How to minimise your tax debt and maximise your return from one of Australia's leading tax experts
Everyone has to pay tax, but why should you ever pay more than you owe? Don't let the government take more hard-earned dollars than it's entitled to. Without even knowing it, you could be giving away hundreds, even thousands! In this year's edition of 101 Ways to Save on Your Tax—Legally!, Adrian Raftery, also known as Mr. Taxman, gives you proven tips to help you minimise your tax debt while maximising your return. No matter how old you are or how much you earn, you can keep more of your money with vital tax deductions related to family, employment and education, investments, superannuation, small business, and much more.

Written by one of Australia's leading tax and finance experts
Comprehensively updated for the 2013 - 2014 tax year
Packed with moneysaving tax tips and answers to frequently asked questions
With Mr. Taxman's expert tips and bonus resources, you'll be able to better manage your tax issues 365 days a year and save a bundle at tax time!

Table of Contents

Part I You and your family 1
Part II Your employment 35
Part III Your education 73
Part IV Your investment property 101
Part V Your shares 137
Part VI Your superannuation 171
Part VII Your business 207
Part VIII Miscellaneous 243

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