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Small Business Tax Secrets
Author: Gary W. Carter
Type: Book
Price: $13.98
TAKE CARE OF YOUR TAXES, BEFORE THEY TAKE CARE OF YOU In a direct and easy-to-use style, the Savvy Savings Guide series offers great financial advice for both your personal and professional life. With each new book, you'll learn how to earn more, spend less, and save for important events such as retirement and your child's college education. From paying less on your taxes to starting a small business the Savvy Savings Guide series will help you save money and succeed Small Business Tax..
Getting Started in Tax Consulting
Author: Gary W. Carter
1st Edition
Type: Book
Price: $28.88
The Complete, Authoritative Guide to Getting Started in Tax Consulting Tax consulting and return preparation is a fast-paced, dynamic industry-one that promises high earning potential. In this book, tax advisor Gary Carter shows you just what it takes to become an in-demand tax consultant. You'll discover how to break into the tax business, even with relatively limited education and training, and build a path to your new career with Carter's five-step formula for success. Brimming with expert..



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