Work Overseas How to Find a High-Paying, Tax-Free Job

Author: George L. Robinson
Price: $33.94


The author tells the reader what kinds of jobs are available, how to find them, how to approach the prospective employer, how to negotiate for the best possible pay and perks, and how to keep that high-paying job.

The information contained in Work Overseas should enable the first time job seeker, as well as the career overseas expatriate, to conduct an effective and successful search for overseas employment. It is the complete package including a proven strategy, typical contract conditions, sample resumes, a directory of personnel recruiting firms that recruit for international contractors, a directory of over 1000 international companies, a "hot" list identification of 50 most active companies, company cross-referencing to 145 countries, contact information, and more.

Also, Work Overseas is updated annually to bring to you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

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