Top Tax Savings Ideas : How to Survive in Today's Tough Tax Environment
2nd Edition
Author: Thomas Stemmy
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Cut Your Business Tax Expenses - Explained in Terms You Can Really Understand
Do you worry about how much your business pays in taxes, but don't have time to keep up with changes in the tax code? Minimize the tax bite with Top Tax Savings Ideas. This survival guide examines every imaginable tax break available today. You'll get up-to-date and easy-to-implement-year-round strategies to lower taxes and avoid common pitfalls. This completely revised edition includes the most recent May 2003 tax law updates, and identifies a wide assortment of tax deductions, fringe benefits and tax deferrals. In plain English, you'll get answers to questions like:
Which tax savings are most often overlooked by entrepreneurs?
Are tax shelters a good idea?
What type of business entity is best for me?
How can I avoid tax-planning pitfalls?
What questions should I ask my tax advisor?
You'll also get vital tax-planning information on incorporating, record-keeping, deductions and retirement - and much more!

Author Biography

Thomas J. Stemmy, CPA, MMS, is a former IRS agent and a widely respected tax specialist and consultant. Having advised small business owners for more than 30 years, he also draws on his experiences as a university teacher and lecturer. An award-winning writer, he is the author of How to Slash the Cost, Time and Aggravation of a Tax Audit. Stemmy lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Get to Know the Current Tax Environment 1 (9)
Chapter 2 Choose the Right Identity to Structure Your Business 10 (12)
Chapter 3 Is Incorporation Right for You? 22 (12)
Chapter 4 Become Familiar with the S Corporation Alternative 34 (14)
Chapter 5 Tax Write-Offs and Special Deductions for Small Business 48 (16)
Chapter 6 Tax-Sheltered Employer-Provided Fringe Benefits 64 (19)
Chapter 7 Steps to Ensure Employee Business Expense Deductibility 83 (10)
Chapter 8 Learn How to Beat the Record-Keeping Game 93 (10)
Chapter 9 Different Rules for a Special Class of Deductions 103 (24)
Chapter 10 Automobile and Local Transportation Expenses 127 (20)
Chapter 11 Home Office Expense Strategies for the 21st Century 147 (7)
Chapter 12 Smart Retirement Planning and Tax Deferrals 154 (28)
Chapter 13 Understand Family Planning Tax Strategies 182 (8)
Chapter 14 Keep Current on the Latest Tax Saving

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