The New Three-Legged Stool: A Tax Efficient Approach to Retirement Planning

Author: Rick Rodgers
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Most people dream of retirement as a relaxing, worry-free time in their lives. What many do not realize is that the IRS is also looking forward to the day you retire. Our complicated tax system can mean the government is entitled to a significant amount of your retirement assets-unless you protect them properly.

Now, Rick Rodgers, founder of one of the country's top wealth managers, helps you retain as much of your hard-earned retirement assets as possible. His unique Three-Legged Stool approach to financial security makes it both easy to understand how to achieve this retirement security and difficult to "lose balance"-that is, to get off-track once you've established your plan.

Rodgers will show you how to balance between the three "legs," or components, you will need to create the most tax-effective financial structure.

Leg One, Tax-Deferred Savings Strategies
Leg Two, After-Tax Savings Strategies
Leg Three, Tax-Free Savings Strategies
Plus, a closer look at

the all-important Retirement Distribution (R/D) Factor
Social Security
Estate planning
With real-life case studies, tips, and recommendations from Rodgers' own experiences as a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Retirement Counselor, this guide will help you establish a plan to build the retirement you and your family have always dreamed of-and deserve.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Un-Funniest Story Ever Told vii
Chapter One: Leg One: Tax-Deferred Savings Strategies 1
Chapter Two: Leg Two: After-Tax Savings Strategies 39
Chapter Three: Leg Three: Tax-Free Savings Strategies 79
Chapter Four: Distributions: Strike an Ideal Balance Among All of Your Accounts 93
Chapter Five: Understanding Social Security 137
Chapter Six: Keep the IRS Out of Your Estate 163
Appendix: How to Write a Personal Financial Plan 189

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