The IRS Problem Solver

Author: Daniel J Pilla
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The IRS Problem Solver: From Audits to Assessments--How to Solve Your Tax Problems and Keep the IRS Off Your Back

Are you burdened with the tax debt of a current or former spouse?
Have you just received an IRS computerized or "correction" notice?
Are you in danger of having your property seized?
Has your tax return been selected for an audit?
Is the IRS knocking on your door?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone: more than twenty-five million taxpayers are faced with the terrifying prospect of dealing with audits, assessments, or other IRS problems every year. But with all the books devoted to how to prepare your taxes, there's never been one that explains how to get yourself out of trouble easily, legally, and inexpensively -- until now. With The IRS Problem Solver, veteran tax expert Dan Pilla offers the first comprehensive guide to dealing with the most common IRS problems taxpayers confront, from face-to-face audits to fraud penalties. Pilla's book is an indispensable preventive tool for all who file their own taxes—and a necessity for anyone who's just received a notice that the wolf is at the door.

Regarded as one of the nation's foremost experts on IRS procedures, Pilla lays out simple, easy-to-follow battle plans for resolving tax problems, as well as simple, effective guidance for avoiding trouble in the first place. Charts & graphs.

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