The Complete US Expat Tax Book
First Edition
Author: Dan E Gordon
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There is a lot of miss-information on the subject of the US tax laws regarding US citizens and other US taxpayers. This book is a complete guide to US tax laws relating to this issue. Included is a simplified overview, comprehensive details on the various issues, deductions, credits and income exclusions as it is related to US taxpayers living abroad. It is very important that expats understand that there is no automatic deductions, credits or exclusions a US tax return MUST be filed and necessary auxiliary forms filled out properly to take advantage of these deductions, credits and exclusions. The fact that as an expat all the credits etc. may result in a zero tax being due but that is irrelevant, all world wide income MUST be reported and the proper forms filled out or you risk loosing those credits, and exclusions down the road should the IRS discover your income and file a return for you without any credits exclusions etc. This book will assist you keeping clear and out of trouble with the US Internal Revenue Service.

Author Biography

My clients are from all over the world with a strong presence in: Thailand, Singapore, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Spain, Germany and Philippines.

Known many countries around the world as a US Expat expert. With published works including "The Complete US Expat Tax Book".

Full expertise in all phases of the Expat tax code for the retiree and the corporate executive and everyone in-between. See for comprehensive information about US-Taxman and hundreds of pages of Expat tax information. Also our complete list of world wide contact information and phone numbers is listed on every page.

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