Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians

Author: Vlad Trkulja
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Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians provides individuals and business owners with effective tax-planning strategies designed to reduce taxable income, generate tax deductions, increase tax refunds, increase potential investment returns, defer tax, increase wealth, and minimize probate and estate taxes. When implemented properly the strategies discussed in this book are legitimate tax-planning strategies recognized by many financial planners, financial experts, chartered accountants, actuaries, financial commentators, tax lawyers, and the Canada Revenue Agency. Although RRSPs are the most popular tax shelter in this country, individuals and business owners are not taking advantage of many simple products, services, and structures that can provide immediate tax relief and benefits. Learn more about the following strategies in Tax Tips and Tax Shelters for Canadians: -Individual Pension Plans -Retirement Compensation Arrangements -ROC funds -Corporate class funds -RRSP/RRIF meltdown and drawdown strategies -Flow-through investments -Super flow-through investments -Immigration trusts -Probate and estate taxes -Incorporating your business or professional practice -Trust accounts -RRSPs and RRIFs -and much more

Author Biography

Vlad Trkulja has been providing individuals, business owners, corporations, trusts, and foundations with expert financial, investment, and tax-efficient strategies for over fifteen years. He has helped structure and manage over $250 million in assets and has successfully completed many professional courses, including Canadian Investment Management, Estate and Trust Planning, the Certified Financial Planning course, Canadian Options and Canadian Futures courses, Professional Financial Planning, and many other industry-related courses and exams.

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