Tax Savvy for Small Business
9th Edition
Author: Frederick W. Daily & Bethany Laurence
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This bestselling book provides the "big picture," detailed information and practical advice for dealing with business taxes.
The 9th edition is completely updated to provide the latest tax numbers and laws, as well as current IRS forms and publications.

Customer Reviews:
By Mike (Black Mountain, NC) · ★★★★☆ · February 10, 2008
Anyone own a small business? Good tax stuf in here!

Table of Contents

It covers how to:
- deduct current and capitalized expenses
- write off long-term assets
- take advantage of fringe benefits
- compare the advantages of different legal structures
- keep records that will head off trouble with the IRS
- get tax breaks from business losses
- pay payroll taxes on time
- handle an audit
- get IRS penalties and interest reduced
- maximize retirement funds
- and much more

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Best Seller

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