Tax Loopholes for eBay Sellers: Pay Less Tax and Make More Money

Author: Diane Kennedy & Janelle Elms (Author)
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Hundreds of Legal Deductions for eBay Sellers!

If you’re an online seller, take note: now you can reduce--or even eliminate--the taxes you pay using the insider tips in Tax Loopholes for eBay Sellers. You’ll discover hundreds of little-known, completely legal tax deductions and reporting tips that are unique to eBay and designed to benefit small business owners. Learn what the IRS is looking for when sorting out a real business from a hobby and why it matters.

You’ll get step-by-step advice on everything from setting up your business and getting a business license to creating a bookkeeping system. Use the power of eBay and the tax strategies in this book to increase your wealth, protect your assets--and lower your tax bill.

Table of Contents

How much can you fit into your eBay tax loophole?

Learn what the best tax-advantaged business structures are for your type of eBay business
Get the free “The 9 Steps to Business Test” to see if your business measures up against IRS guidelines
Identify and take advantage of hundreds of legal deductions for eBay business owners
Determine how often you will prepare a sales and use tax report based on volume
Set up a payroll system with the proper withholding deductions for all employees including yourself
Create an accounting system to pay bills, input transactions, record sales, keep track of PayPal fees, and balance your business checkbook

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