Tax Efficient Cross Border Fund Structuring - Part I - Overview
1st Edition
Author: John Walker
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The three part tax guide series, Tax Efficient Cross Border Fund Structuring, provides practical

planning suggestions for tax efficient structuring of cross-border private equity and hedge funds. 

Fund managers, tax professionals, and investors in cross-border funds should find this guide

series beneficial. Part I – Overview discusses the basics of fund structures and relevant

international tax issues. Part II – Fund Jurisdictions and Capital Sources provides a discussion

of six fund jurisdictions and six capital jurisdictions. Part III- Fund Structures guide provides

suggested tax efficient structures for each fund jurisdiction and all six capital jurisdictions

discussed in Part II. This guide forms the heart of this guide series.

Author Biography

Accomplished attorney with more than 16 years of experience in law and business. Concentrated since 2007 on private client international taxation. Earned LL.M. in International Taxation and Financial Services with a concentration on creating tax efficient cross-border business transactions. Completed thesis on tax efficient structuring of international private equity and hedge funds with U.S. and non-U.S. source capital. Contributing editor to all three editions of the LexisNexis FATCA Handbook; Editor, Foreign Corporation Tax Guide, 5th Edition.

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John M. Walker


eBook $11.98


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