Tax Deductions for Professionals
8th Edition
Author: Stephen Fishman, J.D.
Price: $19.99


Reduce your tax burden with the only "know how" guide to deductions for professionals.
Winner of the Independent Book Publisher's Association's Benjamin Franklin Award
Hold on to more of your hard-earned money with the year-round tax-saving tips in Tax Deductions for Professionals. This easy-to-read guide will help you understand tax deductions so that you can make wise business decisions and operate profitably. Plus, unlike any other book out there, Tax Deductions for Professionals can help you choose the best legal structure for your practice -- the most important business (and tax) decision you'll make.
Comprehensive, easy-to-read, and filled with interesting examples, Tax Deductions for Professionals lays out and explains the common deductions you may qualify to take, including:
start-up and operating expenses
health deductions
vehicles and travel
entertainment and meals
home office
Learn how to take full advantage of the deductions available to you, and get information on putting money into retirement accounts, the tax implications of owning the building you work in, and deducting the cost of continuing education, professional fees, and other expenses.
The new edition is completely updated with the latest tax numbers and laws for 2011 returns.
“Nolo helps lay people perform legal tasks without the aid—or fees—of lawyers.”
- USA Today
“The nation’s largest publisher of self-help legal books and software.”
- The Wall Street Journal

Author Biography

Stephen Fishman is the author of many Nolo books, including Deduct It! Lower Your Small Business Taxes, Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide, Tax Deductions for Professionals, and Home Business Tax Deductions: Keep What You Earn--plus many other legal and business books. He received his law degree from the University of Southern California in 1979. After time in government and private practice, he became a full-time legal writer in 1983.

Table of Contents

1. Tax Deduction Basics
2. Choice of Business Entity
3. Operating Expenses
4. Meal and Entertainment Expenses
5. Car and Local Travel Expenses
6. Long Distance Travel Expenses
7. The Home Office Deduction
8. Deductions for Outside Offices
9. Deducting Long-Term Assets
10. Start-Up Expenses
11. Medical Expenses
12. Retirement Deductions
13. Inventory
14. More Deductions
15. Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors
16. Professionals Who Incorporate
17. How You Pay Business Expenses
18. Amending Tax Returns
19. Staying Out of Trouble With the IRS
20. Record Keeping and Accounting
21. Help Beyond This Book

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