Tax By Design:The Mirrlees Review

Author: Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)
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Tax by Design identifies what makes a good tax system for an open developed economy in the 21st century and suggests how the UK tax system could be reformed to move in that direction. 
The recommendations stress the importance of neutrality and transparency in tax design. It draws on the expert evidence from the commissioned chapters and commentaries in Dimensions of Tax Design. 

It also acknowledges the growing importance of globalised markets and multinationalcorporations as well as the challenges created by changing population demographics, the growth of new technologies, and the broadened objectives of policy makers.

The Commission's work was directed by:Timothy BesleyRichard BlundellMalcolm GammieJames PoterbaThe Commission's editorial team:Stuart AdamStephen BondRobert ChotePaul JohnsonGareth Myles

Author Biography

Over the past 40 years, the IFS has come a long way since four financial professionals lamented the poor design of Capital Gains Tax and decided that fiscal policy in Britain needed more effective independent scrutiny.

IFS is now established as Britain's leading independent micro economic research institute, and as authoritative commentators on the public finances, tax and welfare policy, tax law, education, inequality and poverty, pensions, productivity and innovation, consumer behavior and the evaluation of policies designed to promote development in poorer countries.

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