Stand Up to the IRS
11th Edition
Author: Frederick W. Daily, J.D.
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The Internal Revenue Service is the taxpayer's worst nightmare, and for good reason -- a tax bill or other notice can come out of nowhere and wreak havoc on your life.

But now you can confront America's most intimidating government agency with confidence. Stand Up to the IRS reveals the tactics used by IRS and how to deal with them. This book even contains confidential forms used by IRS agents during collection interviews and audits.

Use Stand Up to the IRS to:

file a late return
work out a long-term payment plan
get a Taxpayer Assistance Order
settle your tax bill for pennies on the dollar
stop collection efforts
avoid property seizures
protect your assets
determine if bankruptcy offers a solution
learn what to say when you face an auditor
appeal the auditor's decision
The 10th edition is completely updated with the latest rules, regulations and tax numbers. Plus, Stand Up to the IRS also shows you how to go to Tax Court, if it's ever needed.

“One of the best books on personal finance.”
-Money Magazine

“A hands-on guide to battling the IRS and coaxing favorable decisions from agency personnel.”
- U.S. News & World Report

“Tax Attorney Frederick W. Daily surveys a panorama of defensive moves to keep the tax wolf from the door.”
-Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Frederick W. Daily spent over 35 years of experience as a tax attorney, helping individuals and small business owners make smart tax decisions and stay out of trouble with the IRS. He has been featured as a tax expert on Good Morning America and NPR, and in publications across the country including Money Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He is the author of Stand Up to the IRS, Tax Savvy for Small Business and Surviving an IRS Tax Audit.

Table of Contents

1. Inside the IRS: What You Need to Know About IRS Operations

2. Filing Tax Returns: If You Haven't Filed and Other Concerns

3. Winning Your Audit

4. Appealing Your Audit Within the IRS

5. Going to Tax Court: No Lawyer Necessary

6. When You Owe the IRS: Keeping the Tax Collector at Bay

7. IRS Enforced Collection: Liens and Levies

8. The Taxpayer Advocate: A Friend at the IRS

9. Family, Friends, Heirs and the IRS

10. Fraud and Tax Crimes: Do You Really Have to Worry?

11. Small Businesses/Self-Employed: When IRS Trouble Comes

12. Penalties and Interest

13. Help Beyond the Book: Tax Professionals and Tax Information

14. When You Owe State Income Taxes

15. The Taxpayers' Bill of Rights

16. The 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Tax Terms

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