Plan Your Estate
11th Edition
Author: Denis Clifford, Attorney
Price: $29.99


When you're thinking about estate planning, you want to make sure that you choose the right plan for your family. Turn to Plan Your Estate, Nolo's bestselling book of estate planning essentials. Get straightforward, plain-English explanations of every significant estate-planning option available, so you can make the best decisions for you and those you love.

Let attorney Denis Clifford show you how to:
avoid probate
leave property through a will or trust
use life insurance to provide for your loved ones
name a guardian for your minor children
leave property to a young person
plan for incapacity
implement strategies specific to business owners
reduce estate taxes
make final arrangements
The 11th edition is completely revised with the latest federal and state laws, plus updated estate and gift tax information, and enhanced discussions about 529 plans, same-sex marriage, tax-saving trusts, and retirement benefits.
Good in all states except Louisiana.

“An excellent source of information on wills and estate planning.”
-The New York Times

“Particularly helpful are a series of ‘profiles’ that illustrate how estate plans can benefit various individuals and families.”
-The Wall Street Journal

“A clear, comprehensive and even charming book.”
-The Los Angeles Times

Author Biography

Denis Clifford, a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was an editor of The Law Review, is a practicing lawyer who specializes in estate planning. He is the author of many Nolo titles, including Quick and Legal Will Book, Make Your Own Living Trust and Plan Your Estate, and a coauthor of A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples. He has been interviewed by such major media as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Money Magazine.

Table of Contents

1. Selecting Your Estate Planning Goals 2. Personal Concerns and Estate Planning 3. Special Property Ownership Rules for Married People 4. Inventorying Your Property 5. Your Beneficiaries 6. Children 7. Wills 8. Probate and Why You Want to Avoid It 9. Living Trusts 10. Joint Tenancy and Tenancy by the Entirety 11. Pay-on-Death Designations: Bank Accounts, Securities, Stocks and Bonds 12. Life Insurance 13. Retirement Benefits 14. State Law Exemptions From Normal Probate 15. Estate Taxes 16. Gifts and Taxes 17. An Overview of Ongoing Trusts 18. Estate Tax–Saving Bypass Trusts 19. Other Estate Tax–Saving Marital Trusts 20. Charitable Trusts 21. Other Estate Tax–Saving Trusts 22. Disclaimers: After-Death Estate Tax Planning 23. Combining Estate Tax–Saving Trusts 24. Property Control Trusts for Second or Subsequent Marriages 25. Trust and Other Devices for Imposing Controls Over Property 26. Incapacity: Making Medical and Financial Decisions 27. Body and Organ Donation, Funerals, and Burials 28. Family Business Estate Planning 29. Using Lawyers 30. After You Complete Your Estate Plan 31. After a Death Occurs 32. Some Estate Plans

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