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The National Tax Journal is published quarterly by the National Tax Association as one method of fulfilling certain of the purposes of the organization, namely to encourage research in government finance by all interested persons and the dissemination of the resultant knowledge.
Articles deal with topics of current interest in the fields of taxation, public finances and economics.
The goal of the National Tax Journal (NTJ) is to encourage and disseminate high quality original research on governmental tax and expenditure policies. The focus of the NTJ is economic, theoretical, and empirical analysis of tax and expenditure issues, with an emphasis on policy implications. The NTJ is published quarterly under the auspices of the National Tax Association (NTA). Articles published in the regular March, June and September issues of the journal as well as articles accepted for publication in special issues of the journal are subject to professional peer review. Most regular issues include an NTJ Forum, which consists of invited papers by leading scholars that examine in depth a single current tax or expenditure policy issue. The December issue is devoted to publishing papers presented at the NTA’s annual spring symposium. Forum papers and the articles in the December issue are not subject to peer review.

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The The National Tax Association (NTA) is a non-profit organization committed to the education of tax issues to all people. NTA was first founded in 1907, and has since then strived to understand and address issues in the taxation system. Since its first founding, the NTA has become the leading association in research and understanding of public financing. The organization educates government officials, tax professionals, and the general public.

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