Legal Offshore Tax Havens

Author: Jessie A Schmitt
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Legal Offshore Tax Havens: How Take Legal Advantage of the IRS Code and Pay Less in Taxes

This book will show you how to legally protect your money and take advantage of the off shore tax system. You will learn how to develop business opportunities, how to avoid excessive taxation, and how to avoid scams. In addition, you will learn about the safest, most private nations, what is and what is not legal, the best haven for your specific purposes, mistakes to avoid, legal issues, and basic off shore entities.

Table of Contents

Prologue p. 9 Introduction p. 11 What Are Offshore Tax Havens? p. 15 Global Investing p. 29 Risk p. 47 History p. 53 Offshore Investment Types p. 65 Offshore...on a Boat p. 77 Offshore Without Leaving Shore p. 81 Island Escapes: Reliable Tax Havens p. 87 Focus on Europe p. 157 Africa p. 191 Far-Flung Tax Havens p. 199 Reality Versus Fiction: Common Misperceptions p. 215 Benefits p. 217 The IRS p. 221 Conclusion p. 225 Organizations p. 227 Low-Tax Countries p. 247 State Religions p. 249 Bahamanian Banks p. 251 St. Lucian Banks p. 259 Banks of the U.K. p. 265 Swiss Banks p. 271 Author Biography p. 285 Index p. 287 Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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