Inside Tax Law : What Matters and Why

Author: Stephen Utz
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Inside Tax Law: What Matters and Why presents student-friendly descriptions of the key topics in tax law, with a wealth of pedagogy that supports visual learning, memory, and comprehension. Inside Tax Law provides a big-picture view of how the essential elements of this field fit together in a coherent framework of legal theory and practice.

With an attractive and uncluttered two-color page design, this paperback features:

basic coverage of the main themes of tax law, with a focus on what matters and why
a straightforward and informal writing style
consistent and dynamic pedagogy that assists with comprehension and review
Overviews: Each chapter starts with a brief introduction that positions the topic within the course, so that from the beginning, students understand both what the topic is about and why it matters.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions are stated and the answers given, with elucidating analysis that clears up the most common mistakes and misconceptions.

Sidebars: These text boxes can offer additional insight, background information, or note an illustrative or important case.

Graphics and Examples
Chapter Summaries and bolded key terms

Connections: Each chapter ends with a brief section that connects the material to other chapters, encouraging students to consider, "Where have I been?" and, "Where am I going?"

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