How to Represent Yourself Against the IRS in the United States Tax Court

Author: Greg Okwuosah
Price: $22.36


This book in plain English gives you what you need in order to confidently prepare and present your case against the IRS before a Tax Court judge. No time is wasted in the book discussing information you don't need. Thus, you can quickly read the information it contains, digest it, and use it to focus on preparing your case. Step-by-step, the book walks you through how to file your petition with the Tax Court, prepare your case for trial (if it does not settle), and present it as clearly as possible in order to improve your chances of winning. 

The book also includes samples of forms, letters, and documents that you may need or receive from the IRS, starting from before you file your petition with the Court to after the case is settled or tried, so that, at each stage, you'd have a reasonably good idea of what you're dealing with, and be able to develop an appropriate response. For example, the book includes: Sample Notice of Deficiency - your "access" to the Tax Court; Sample Petition forms; Sample Motion to the Court; Sample Pretrial Notice; Sample Pretrial Memorandum; and Sample Stipulation of Facts

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