How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California
15th Edition
Author: Anthony Mancuso, Attorney
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Start a nonprofit with the forms and information you need to give back to your community!
Thousands of arts groups, educators, social-service agencies and others have used How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California to get their organizations off the ground. With a nonprofit corporation, you'll gain recognition, save money, become eligible for grants, and protect your members and directors from liability. And you can do all of this without spending thousands on an attorney. With this easy-to-use guide, anyone can do it!
How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California includes complete instructions for obtaining federal 501(c)(3) tax-exemption and for qualifying for public charity status with the IRS. It also provides:
line-by-line instructions for completing your application
instructions and completed sample clauses for preparing articles of incorporation
ready-to-use bylaws for membership and non-membership nonprofits
ready-to-use minutes for the organizational meeting
sheets with California's specific legal and tax requirements
This edition is completely updated to cover changes to the law. You'll also get updated instructions for using Form 1023 and coverage of new online services and options related to forming your nonprofit corporation.
Check out Nolo's list of California products. Not a California resident? Use How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation .

“Includes examples of typical forms and formats for preparing the incorporating documents.”
-San Francisco Examiner

“A useful resource to help you get underway.”
-Entrepreneur Magazine

Author Biography

Anthony Mancuso is a corporations and limited liability company expert. He graduated from Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, is a member of the California State Bar, writes books and software in the fields of corporate and LLC law, and studies advanced business taxation at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He has also been a consultant for Silicon Valley EDA (Electronic Design Automation) companies, most recently working on a C++ open-source integrated circuit database project team. He is the author of several Nolo books on forming and operating corporations (both profit and nonprofit) and limited liability companies. His titles include Incorporate Your Business, How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation (national and California editions), Form Your Own Limited Liability Company, The Corporate Records Handbook, and LLC or Corporation? His books have shown over a quarter of a million businesses and organizations how to form a corporation or LLC. He also is a licensed helicopter pilot and has performed for years as a guitarist in many musical idioms.

Table of Contents

1. Is Nonprofit Incorporation Right for You?
2. Legal Rights and Duties of Incorporators, Directors, Officers, Employees, and Members
3. Requirements for Section 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption
4. Public Charities and Private Foundations
5. Other Tax Benefits and Requirements
6. Choose a Name and File Your Articles of Incorporation
7. Bylaws
8. Apply for Your Federal 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption
9. Final Steps in Organizing Your Nonprofit
10. After Your Corporation Is Organized
11. Lawyers, Legal Research, and Accountants
A. Appendix A: How to Use the CD-ROM
B. Appendix B: Information and Tear-Out Forms

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