Evaluating Tax Expenditures: Tools and Techniques for Assessing Outcomes: New Directions for Evaluat

Author: Lois-Ellin Datta & Patrick G. Grasso
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Social justice and good governance both demand determination of whether tax expenditures-preferential provisions such as special exemptions, deductions, credits, or deferrals-are yielding the benefits anticipated in the original legislation, and if they are as good or better than policy alternatives in direct expenditure programs. The six case studies in this issue examine a variety of tax expenditures, some affecting human services programs such as housing and some aimed at broader investment purposes. Applying a range of evaluative, research, and analytic techniques, the authors demonstrate how publicly available data and the familiar tools of evaluation can be successfully used to examine the effectiveness, results, and impacts of tax expenditures. This is the 79th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Evaluation.

Author Biography

LOIS-ELLIN DATTA is President of Datta Analysis. Her focus is the intersect of public policy and evaluation methodology and practice. PATRICK G. GRASSO is a consultant in Program Evaluation and Knowledge Management at The World Bank, after serving as an Assistant Director of the Program Evaluation and Methodology Division of the U.S. General Accounting Office.

Table of Contents

Tax Expenditures: The Basics (B. Davie).
Evaluating Work-Related Cash Benefit Programs: The Earned Income Tax Credit (C. Hill, et al.).

Evaluating the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (J. Wallace).

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Using Tax Data in a Quasi-Experimental Design (T. Hanford).

Use of Quasi-Experimental Methods in Tax Expenditure Evaluation: The Case of Maryland Enterprise Zones (S. Crosse, et al.).

The Investment Tax Credit (T. Karier).

A Canadian Tax Incentive for Equity Investments in Mining and Energy Companies (G. Lenjosek).

Taxes, Tax Expenditures, and Evaluation—Pleasing and Otherwise (R. Boruch).

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