Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes
1st Edition
Author: Sandra Block & Stephen Fishman, J.D.
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Reduce your taxes with great tips written in plain English. While many tax books claim they can sharply reduce or eliminate your tax burden altogether, too often their dubious methods apply to nearly no one -- or their accounting schemes run the risk of drawing unwelcome IRS scrutiny. Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes provides legitimate tactics and useful insights that can really lower your tax bill without running afoul of the IRS. Learn more about tax planning: Get a lower tax rate Boost your tax-free income Defer paying your taxes Make the most of deductions Take advantage of exemptions Identify and use credits Shift income to other taxpayers -- legally Each rule is accompanied by excerpts, strategies, ideas, and real-world examples, plus information on retirement plans, home mortgages, student loans, charitable contributions, medical expenses, dependents -- even businesses that never get started! You'll save big with the simple strategies found in Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes. “Nolo has been publishing excellent self-help legal manuals since 1971.” - Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine “Nolo is a pioneer in both consumer and business self-help books and software.” - Los Angeles Times

Author Biography

Sandra Block
Sandra Block, one of the country's most respected personal finance journalists, covers a variety of financial issues in USA TODAY'S news pages, including mutual funds, taxes and IRAs. Her column "Your Money" appears weekly in USA TODAY.

Stephen Fishman
Stephen Fishman is the author of many Nolo books, including Deduct It! Lower Your Small Business Taxes, Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide, Tax Deductions for Professionals, and Home Business Tax Deductions: Keep What You Earn--plus many other legal and business books. He received his law degree from the University of Southern California in 1979. After time in government and private practice, he became a full-time legal writer in 1983.

Table of Contents

Your Companion in Winning the War on Taxes
1. Tax Basics Everyone Can Understand
2. The Best Tax Is No Tax: Income That’s Tax Free
3. Dollar-for-Dollar Refunds: Tax Credits
4. Delaying the Pain: Deferring Income and the Tax It Brings
5. Count Every Penny: Reducing Taxable Income With Deductions
6. Join the Low-Rate Club: Reduce Taxes Through Investing
7. All in the Family: Shifting Income Within Your Household
8. Making the Most of Your Filing Status and Tax Exemptions
9. Help Beyond This Book

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