CPA Exam Review 2013 Test Bank CD, Regulation
18th Edition
Author: O. Ray Whittington
Price: $109.20


INCLUDES ONE-YEAR ACCESS TO CD contains PIN code providing access to the Online Test Bank for one year Sync all your practice sessions to for backup and anytime access from any PC or Mac Download new question sets from Online updates ensure you always have the most current content Highly organized, up to date, comprehensive Multiple-choice questions and their solutions help you sharpen your problem-solving skills Progress charts by topic clearly show you the content areas where you meet the passing threshold Simulation questions and solutions address the computerized exam's simulation-style problemsĀ 

The most effective system available to prepare and practice for the CPA Exam Comprehensive coverage of all current AICPA content requirements for each subject Download more questions and receive updates by syncing to the Online Test Bank-Free for one year! The Exam mode simulates actual exam conditions Pop Quiz feature allows you to check your progress quickly. Run through 10 questions and see where you stand Create unlimited custom practice sessions and tests. View hints or detailed explanations for each question

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