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Stay-At-Home parents have an ally in Adam, who struggles to raise three kids, keep the place clean, get office work done, and get on-line as often as possible
Adam and Laura had everything worked out. Each morning, Laura left for her high-paying executive career while Adam stayed home in his sweats to take care of the kids, Clayton, Katy, and Baby Nick. It was the good life for Adam: mornings with morning TV, hours spent cruising the Internet, episodes of Barney with Nick, and a few brief trips during the day for a double tall nonfat mocha or a meeting of his books-made-into-movies discussion group.

As the holidays approached, however, Adam hit on a new business idea: He would hire himself out as a Christmas-letter writer making those impersonal letters even more impersonal. Cozy in his flannel shirt, Adam set about transforming his home office into an appropriately festive environment. But when Laura is unexpectedly downsized on Christmas Eve, the pair have whole new set of quandaries. Why does Laura need to use "Adam's" computer? When was the last time anyone cleaned the house? How will they share the laundry room-turned-home office?

In this "Adam" collection, "Bless This Home Office," cartoonist Brian Basset features his endearingly funny characters who epitomize--in their own unique ways--the joys and challenges of contemporary family life. From baby-food-stained evening wear to fear of finances, from long family walks to computer-generated friendships, "Adam" portrays the humorous realities of raising a family while juggling commitments, careers, and community. Through it all, Adam and Laura keep a sense of perspective and a giant dose of family-oriented fun.

"Bless This Home Office" appeals to the millions of fans who count on Adam's singularly amusing approach to life, especially as the number of people who work at home continues to rise. Whether they're stay-at-home dads or moms, whether they've home-based workers or corporate cogs, whether they've been a parent--everyone will enjoy this truly funny book.

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