A Practical Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Personal Superannuation Fund
4th Edition
Author: Barbara Smith & Austin Donnelly
Price: $28.00


Nearly half a million Australians are now members of Do-It-Yourself superannuation funds. Collectively, these funds manage more than $136 billion. The reasons are simple: DIY funds can give better returns and, being individually controlled, they enable members to take charge of their retirement future.

More than ever before, a comprehensive and practical guide is needed to help people successfully set up, invest and manage what, for many, is their single largest asset. Fully revised and updated for 2005, DIY Superannuation 4th Edition explores ways DIY trustees can securely plan for their retirement.

Table of Contents

In clear, concise language it explains:

Legal and accounting requirements for trustees of DIY funds
Investment options for DIY funds
Advantages and disadvantages of DIY funds
How to set policy and strategies for a DIY fund.
Since publication this book has rapidly became the standard work in this field. Initially written solely by Austin Donnelly, the most recent two editions have been co-authored by Barbara Smith -- an acknowledged authority on superannuation and taxation issues. Together they make available, to DIY trustees, their vast wealth of financial experience.

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