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Course Description

United States Tax Benefits for Exporting

The object of this course is to advise professionals and individuals and corporations involved with the export of goods outside of the United States on how to greatly reduce the United States taxes on export sales.

The topics covered will be:

     - The use of the IC-DISC as a corporate export vehicle;

    - The advantages under the Internal Revenue Code that permit export profits to pay taxes as low as 15% as opposed to the maximum 43% tax on ordinary income;

     - The definition of export property;

     - The requirements that must be met for the export DISC;

     - The corporate structure of the export DISC.

     - The formulas available to maximize export profits;

     - The taxable income method for maximizing export profits;

     - The use of gross receipts method to maximize export profits;

     - The use of export promotion expenses to minimize taxes on export profits;

     - An exploration of the application of the export DISC for internet products;

     - Appropriate methods of transferring internet software to maximize export profits;

     - The sale of copyright articles;

     - Explanation of services that re not available for the benefits of the IC-DISC;

     - Explanation of services that may take advantage of the IC-DISC.

Table of Contents

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  1. Mission Completed  1. IC DISC- Interest Charged- Domestic International Sales Corporations (60 minutes)


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Trainer: Richard Lehman

Type: OnDemand

Level: Appropriate for all

Subject: DISC - Domestic International Sales Corporation Interest & Dividends International

Duration: 60 Mintues

Released: July 30, 2014

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