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Intro to TaxMama EA – Self Study

The United States presently has nearly 700,000 tax professionals registered with the IRS.

There are fewer than 50,000 Enrolled Agents, compared to over 200,000 CPAs. So becoming an EA puts you into a rather elite group of tax pros. In fact, the IRS says that the “Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards."

To learn more about EAs and the EA exam, please drop by my website and watch the video – Everything You Wanted to Know About EAs.

There are several Enrolled Agent Exam review courses available to help you pass the exam. But that’s what they are – REVIEWS. They assume you already know everything you need to know about taxes, businesses, representation, and being an Enrolled Agent. You just need to brush up on the questions and answers.

TaxMama’s® course is much more than that. We TEACH you taxation. In six months or less, you will learn more than you could in 3-4 years of college.

  • You will learn about tax law – and how to research it.

  • You will learn special tricks about preparing business tax returns – even when your clients give you inadequate information.

  • You will learn how to reconstruct information and to read between the lines when your clients don’t tell you everything.

  • You will learn how to avoid having your clients’ tax returns audited.

  • You will learn how to represent clients before the IRS at audits or in tax debt situations.

  • You will learn how retain your sense of ethics, even when clients are pressuring you to let them get away with dangerous or illegal tax provisions.

  • But you will also learn how to help your clients minimize their taxes.

  • You will learn how make good a living as an EA.

  • You will have access to study buddies or groups.

  • You will be invited to two Live Classes per month.

  • You will get videos, MP3s and PDF files for each class – and MORE!

  • Oh yes, you will also learn how to pass the IRS Special Enrollment Examination (the SEE), otherwise known as the EA Exam.

TaxMama’s® class comes with two sets of review tools to help prepare you for the Q&A of the EA Exam. Included are the Gleim software (for books, just pay for shipping) and the Fast Forward Academy practice exams (plus a few hundred extra upgraded questions and answers).

TaxMama’s® policy is, if you don’t pass this year, you can come back next year, without paying a dime. (Gleim and FFA have agreed to honor this policy, for at least one year.)

Will you pass? If you do the work, you surely will!

If not…you won’t. Simple as that.




Course Outline

Orientation – Familiarity with Materials, Homework assignments and Study Buddy arrangements
Lecture 1 – The big Picture – Overview of Circular 230 responsibilities and privileges and the POA
Lecture 2 – Juicy piece – E-Services – for enrolled and for unenrolled preparers
Lecture 3 – Fascinating piece- Working with Non-Filers
Lecture 4 – Mystery piece – Getting ready for an audit
Lecture 5 – Reconciling Piece – Reviewing the Audit Workpapers
Lecture 6 – Fixing piece – What to do after a bad audit – Appeals, mediation and…
Lecture 7 – Worst piece – Sanction and Penalties and your defenses
Lecture 8 – Favorite piece - Legal Authority and Research, Statutes, Communications, FOIA
Lecture 9 – Misunderstood piece- Collections – dealing with notices, unpaid taxes and balances due
Lecture 10 – Shared piece – Reviewing your Forms 9465, 433s and 656
Lecture 11 – Courtly piece – Tax Court and Beyond and Reviewing your Tax Court Petition
Lecture 12 – Making your piece – Final Questions and Pulling it all together

You will get data from sample clients to input into your own tax software or forms.
You will get profiles of different types of clients, with respectable levels of complexity.

  - Form 2848 – The Power of Attorney
  - Form 433 series – Financial Statements for IRS
  - Form 9465 – Installment Agreement
  - Form 656 – Offer in Compromise
  - Key Audit Workpaper – Proof of Cash
  - Tax Court Petition


Trainer: Eva Rosenberg

Type: OnDemand

Level: Appropriate for all

Subject: Enrolled Agent

Duration: N/A

Released: August 21, 2014

Register Price: $450.00


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