With Our Compliments – Most Exciting Tax Webinar of The Year: How To Market Your Tax Services, Promote Your Tax Expertise And Crush The Competition

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After four years of development of TaxConnections, we are ready to reveal the major impact our company will have on every tax professional in a corporation, public accounting firms,  tax law firms, tax services firms, independent tax services providers, enrolled agents, tax educators, CPAs and Chartered Tax Accountants. We are bringing everyone together to one main tax connected highway and improving the lives of tax professionals everywhere. We developed technology, tools, services for tax professionals that did not even exist four years ago. The title of this webinar “Most Exciting Tax Webinar of The Year” is a very big headline but we are certain we will deliver and you will walk away with extraordinarily valuable information that will impact your tax career.

This is the one webinar you do not want to miss as we believe you will be excited to learn this valuable information. Listen to our training webinar and at the end we will also give you a valuable gift to walk away with as you think about what you just learned from us. We promise to deliver an exciting presentation!

Click Here To Attend Friday, September 19th 2014 at 9:00AM PDT



Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media network connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide.

TaxConnections emerged as a tax media network to connect tax professionals with taxpayers searching for a wide range of tax expertise around the world.

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