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What Is A Social Citizen Trust Score? How This Chinese System Affects You Today And How To Protect Yourself

What Is A Social Citizen Trust Score? How This Chinese System Affects You Today

The Chinese government made the Social Credit System mandatory for all of it’s citizens worldwide in 2020. It is like a credit score system, but instead of financial information, this puts together all of a person’s social history, political leanings, personal habits, survey information, likes, commentary and social interactions together and calculates a trust score on you. According to What’s Your Citizen Trust Score written by Amulya Shankar in The World, Chinese Officials say it’s a way to influence their citizens behavior to benefit society and move their country forward, but others think it is just the latest step in the country’s long history of state surveillance.

According to a book titled Who Can You Trust? How Technology Brought Us Together And Why It Might Drive Us Apart, written by world-renowned trust expert Rachel Botsman published in 2017, we are in an age of “distributed trust”, a paradigm shift driven by innovative technologies that are rewriting the rules of human relationships. Botsman states if we are to benefit from the shift technology has created in our lives, we must understand how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired in this digital age.

A great book is The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff; in fact, it is a must read and a real eye opener for everyone using the internet. It is a long book and worth every minute of reading it. Understanding what is happening is critical to  protecting yourself to what is coming and teaching you and your family how to protect yourself online. Take away your kid’s phones until they read it or read it to them chapter by chapter. It is the very best education you can give them today.

While most people have been in awe of the rapid transformation of technology, we have experienced a high degree of enlightenment building a technology platform for the tax, financial and legal community. Our site emerged from millions of tax contacts globally given our expertise in connecting tax and legal professionals with the people who need them. My views on privacy grew out of my deep executive search expertise and the importance of protecting people’s privacy. What our organization has always valued is your privacy, while other technology companies have thrown your privacy out the door with their technology. For your information, we never collected and sold our data to anyone…ever! The reason is we respect your privacy. Understand what we offer is distinctly different from other online sites you use to market your professional brand to acquire new clients or connect to new job opportunities:

This brings me to something profoundly important for you to know! If you are on a site that is working with China, your personal data and information is being sent to China servers so the Chinese government can identify and develop a Social Citizen Trust Score on you. All you need to do to determine if China is collecting your information is Google the company your information is on and type in company name along with the words China Operations. You will be shocked to learn all your data is being sent to their servers, your interests, your comments, your family and business connections, your financial life, even if you click a Like Button or complete a survey. It is being collected by China government servers to determine who they can trust here in the Unitted States. China has 1.4B people, the United States has 300M, they are collecting our data and information and developing social trust scores on us!

You have opportunities to prevent the collection of your information by leaving sites collecting your data and selling if off the highest bidder for your information…China. What we know about the companies who have sold your personal data is shocking. It is another article altogether and would likely cause us many problems to out them. You can find them yourselves online by typing in “Company name China operations”. The purpose of this article is to inform and educate you how to protect yourself and your personal data. Keep your information online for business purposes only. We all need to operate our businesses using online technology. In fact, as you have been pushed online throughout the pandemic, China has collected even more information on you.

The Answer: Build ONLY your professional presence online on a platform that respects your privacy. Keep your personal information to yourselves! For our members, we will be revealing special reports that help protect you online. Our focus is showing you how to operate smartly online, gain a wider net of protections, and improving your overall client acquisition experiences.

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