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Utah And Oklahoma Now Offering Remote Jobs – These Trends Will Help Increase The Number Of Remote Tax Jobs Created

Kat Jennings Remote Tax Jobs

As indicated in my previous posts on remote work, the trend continues to grow with states like Utah and Oklahoma now offering remote jobs. Telework programs initiated by these states were done for different purposes so it is important to take note of these trends especially when new workforce strategies are being tested and then implemented in these U.S. states. If you want to be part of the remote workforce, it is important to understand who is adopting remote work programs today.

In the case of the state of Utah who conducted a state pilot project, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox stated recently that the pilot program proved that workers productivity went up more than 20% among the 136 state employees who participated in the project.  The study discovered employees are more productive when they do not have a long commute every day; they are also much happier when they do not have the stress of traffic. As a result of the state of Utah pilot program, officials decided to expand the teleworking program with Utah state government employees. The Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget believes it will ease expensive building space needs, save tax dollars and reduce automotive pollution. Government Officials also estimate the state of Utah will reduces state costs by lowering the need for office space by 63,900 square feet.

In the case of Oklahoma, there is Tulsa Remote which is a one year program that offers a $10,000 grant of benefits to eligible applicants who move to and remotely work in Tulsa for one year. They want to attract entrepreneurs who want to work remote.  Applicants must be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States and must stay for at least one year. Those accepted into the Tulsa Remote program will receive cash, rent subsidies and stipends. Applicants must currently hold a full-time job outside of Tulsa County, and be able to move to Tulsa within six months. In exchange, they receive a $2500 stipend to cover relocation costs, followed by $500 a month over the course of the year.  For the first three months, workers will receive a 33% discount on a fully furnished apartment in the Brady Arts District with utilities paid for free. At the end of the year, they will receive an additional $1500 as an incentive to continue to stay in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Remote workers will gain access to co-working space and be invited to attend workshops for professionals. The goal of Tulsa Remote is to create a culture of innovation and revitalizing business and new development.

In both of these states, the emerging remote workforce creates more employment opportunities, increased productivity, fewer employee distractions, improved traffic flows, reduced emissions from automobiles and cleaner air. As the trend to work remote continues to rise, so will opportunities for tax professionals to work remotely increase. As the state governments increase their work remote workforce to reduce costs, it is inevitable that more companies will offer the same. However, you need to step it up so companies can recognize who you are and what you do. As a tax professional, you must make it known you are available to work remote for companies.  TaxConnections Membership ensures companies can access you easily for your tax expertise as a full-time remote employee or an outside tax consultant. You must step up and take action to be visible online today for these tax opportunities.

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