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With millions of site visitors coming to TaxConnections this year, we are driving to meet the demands of our visitors who come to find a wide range of tax expertise around the world. This is the last two days this SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER will be available and your last opportunity to save $199.95.

When you register for a one year membership before midnight July 31st, you will receive the second year free. This offer is not available August 1st.

Tax professional members benefit by being in front of millions of people who can connect with them on TaxConnections. We are not like other sites that block people from seeing you unless they pay for the connection. You see, TaxConnections members join to control their individual brand and ensure that they are in the sales funnel in front of people searching for tax expertise. We built a one page profile on each member that is an advertisement about their tax knowledge and skills yet it does not look like an advertisement. Where are you going to get an ad for 365 days a year in front of millions of people searching for tax expertise for only $199.95 a year? Now $199.95 for two years! It makes good business sense to market your tax reputation on a site where people want to get to know you better and engage with you.

Another benefit is the boost in your SEO as your ranking improves on TaxConnections overnight as you are on an authority site. Go to and compare your ranking with ours and you will see how much membership in TaxConnections will improve your ranking. We are good at marketing your expertise. The second phase of TaxConnections is now emerging and we are certain to draw millions more traffic into our site to discover you here with us. We are in the process of bringing our members to life as we upload tax education and tax expertise on-demand. We offer tax professionals the opportunity to take continuing education courses for CPE Credits and we offer tax professionals/instructors the opportunity to upload tax education and expertise for consumption by millions of consumers searching for it.

TaxConnections is changing the way the world finds you and pays for tax expertise. We believe after they see video or listen to audio of your tax expertise they will retain you to do the job for them. We want to help you make the taxpayer more informed and we know our tax education and tax expertise on-demand platform will do just that. We are also bringing highly qualified instructors on the site who teach the tax community and we eventually be lining up our members to appear to the right of these videos of the Instructors who teach only on these subjects. We will then introduce our members who have this type of tax expertise related to the video subject. Get listed today and enjoy being on the front lines of our cutting-edge marketing tax services platform with a TaxConnections Membership.

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TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and technology around the world. Discover tax professionals who offer you a wide range of tax expertise and be more informed about the technology that supports them in operating efficiently and successfully.

TaxConnections connects tax professionals with new tax clients and tax jobs around the world. Tax Professional Members establish higher visibility online so prospective clients and employers can find our members easily. Each members also receives a Virtual Tax Office which is the most valuable online real estate available today! TaxConnections makes a difference in your professional life.

We offer a Special Membership rate to tax professionals out of work.

Kat Jennings, CEO

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