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Tina Turner – By Adopting Foreign Citizenship Are You Still Subject To The United States Exit Tax?

According to an “activity” report from the U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, long-time Swiss resident Tina Turner” was in the embassy October 24 to sign her “Statement of Voluntary Relinquishment of U.S. Citizenship under Section 349 (a)(1) of the INA” — the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

She has merely ‘relinquished’ her United States citizenship rather than formally ‘renouncing’ it, by adopting citizenship of her long-time home Switzerland.

She apparently hopes to avoid the USA’s exit tax on all her worldwide property, but she will be disappointed!

Tina is an “expatriate”, and it is safe to guess that she has enough assets so that she “meets the requirements of 26 USC § 877(a)(2)(A)”. Therefore, she meets the two prongs of the test to be a “covered expatriate,” who is subject to an Exit Tax!

In accordance with Circular 230 Disclosure


Tony Beecher

3 thoughts on “Tina Turner – By Adopting Foreign Citizenship Are You Still Subject To The United States Exit Tax?

  1. Avatar SwissTechie says:

    So, the US wants to punish Tina Turner since she has been US-Tax compliant and has been paying US double-taxes for the past 20 years where she didn’t live in the US.

    At the same time, the US doesn’t want to punish Queen Noor who is a US citizen, hasn’t been filing US tax returns, hasn’t been paying US taxes, hasn’t been filing FBARs and never filed 8854 to demonstrate 5 years of tax compliance.

    Can you explain this inconsistency? It looks like the US punishes those who are tax compliant while rewarding the tax cheats.

  2. Avatar Nomad Capitalist says:

    Did she really think the US would let one of their larger milk cows ride off into the sunset that easily? The reason to renounce is to escape the Leviathan, but once you become too successful, it becomes quite complicated as you suggest.

  3. Avatar Larry says:

    Diplomatic Immunity.

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