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The Unknown Tax Comic – Part 12

♦ “People who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes: men and women.”  — Anonymous

♦ When your ship comes in, it’s always docked by the Government.

♦ Income tax is Uncle Sam’s version of “Truth or Consequences.”

♦ It’s hard to believe America was founded to avoid high taxation.

♦ Suggested simplified tax form: How much money did you make last year? Mail it in. — Stanton Delaplane

♦ “Worried about an IRS audit? Avoid what’s called a red flag. That’s something the IRS always looks for. For example, say you have some money left in your bank account after paying taxes. That’s a red flag.” — Jay Leno

♦ Golf is a lot like taxes. You drive hard to get to the green and then wind up in the hole.

♦ A lot of people still have the first dollar they ever made. Uncle Sam has all the others.

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The Unknown Tax Comic

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