The Unknown Tax Comic – Halloween Edition

♦ It’s Halloween and when the man answers his door, there’s a well-dressed young boy there wearing a suit and matching tie, who says “Trick or treat”. The man’s a bit confused so he asks the boy what he’s dressed up as. “I’m an IRS agent”, says the boy, and with that, he snatches 40% of the candy, and leaves without saying thank you.

♦ Tax Accountant to his trick or treating child:

“If I’m going to take you all over the neighborhood begging for candy, then yes, I’m going to take half… it’s called a “Candy Tax”.

♦ Tax Payer to the Grim Reaper:

“WOW! You scared me! For a moment I thought you were the Tax Man!

♦ Question:

What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o’-lantern by its diameter?


Pumpkin ∏

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The Unknown Tax Comic

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