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The Tax Remote Workforce Has A Very Strong Future


According to the 2019 AICPA Accounting Graduates Supply and Demand Report, there are fewer people entering the accounting profession. It is a good report but I have something to add to the report that we hear in the trenches working with tax and accounting professionals every day. There is a very high number of three to five year trained tax and accounting professionals who have something to say on their exit interviews from the top 100 accounting firms. We have been fortunate to hear their voices in private counseling sessions in addition from the firms themselves. We want to share this information with you because it is important. We believe this will be why the remote tax and accounting workforce will continue to grow stronger. This is very good news for tax professionals seeking remote work.

We have heard the real answer to high turnover in firms whispered in our ears many times by the tax and accounting professionals. On exit interviews from firms, trained three to seven year tax and accounting professionals are telling the firms “We had no idea the hours and weekends are so demanding in the profession. We do not find professional satisfaction working fifty to sixty hour workweeks.” The firms say they will be flexible but the work load is so great to meet tax deadlines, they feel trapped. In fact, we encounter many of these trained professionals now working from home or looking to find opportunities to work from home. Eventually firms will see the talent is right there in front of them as a remote tax and accounting workforce.

Accounting firms are now forced to look at all the available options when hiring as the candidate pool is simply not there to meet the current demand. I talk to trained tax professionals every day searching for remote work and advise them to become a TaxConnections Member and let people know they are now available to do the work remotely. What we advise companies who call us to look at the professional profiles of our members who state in their Professional Summary “Available To Work Remote”.

If you want to work remote, you must let people know as we have many companies coming to TaxConnections platform to find qualified and technically trained tax professionals. Get started here.



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Kat Jennings, CEO