The Smartest Decision Tax Professionals Make In Marketing Tax Services – Going Native!

Earlier this year, our management team went to a fantastic conference on how to drive traffic. World class experts taught us quite a bit about driving high traffic! We spent thousands of dollars to learn these techniques, and now we want to turn around and share them with you. If you want more business, if you want to be approached about more tax jobs, if you want to build a great tax reputation, listen to what we teach you at TaxConnections. You must take action though as the changes are coming fast; you must move quickly to adapt or you will be left behind. What I am about to explain to you today is one of the techniques we learned at the conference that drives more traffic to your tax services and tax reputation – the native way.

The traffic experts taught us about banner blindness which basically means people are blind to ads about your tax services. The experts asked us how many ads we clicked on during the past year. Answer: none or maybe one! You get the point! People do not pay attention to ads anymore and it is costing the big boy advertising companies lots of ad revenue. The advertising experts are now quickly moving to “native ads”. Native ads do not look like an ad and that is precisely why our team was grinning ear to ear during the traffic conference. We have spent the past three years developing TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals which is a compilation of native ads on tax professionals worldwide. A tax professionals profile page, or microsite as we call it, does not feel or look like an ad on a tax services firm or tax professional. We developed our technology with one mission in mind and that was to drive more business opportunities to tax professionals, build powerful tax reputations online, and reduce annual marketing costs to pennies a day.

Evidently, what we are doing is working because our tax professional members are connecting with many new clients through One Partner of a large national public accounting firm told me he was afraid that advertising his tax services providers over his firm brand may cost him employees. I told him quite the contrary, consumers are frustrated going online to a national firm and having no ability to view and select the tax professional they want to discuss a tax matter. They must call the operator in the firm who will refer them to someone. Native advertising will level the playing field and enable the small and medium size tax services providers to compete with the big firms for new tax business. Consumers of tax expertise are smart and they want to know more about a tax professional before they hire one. This is exactly why every tax professional should go native with TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.

We invite you to enjoy a 45-Day Trial Membership and free full page native Ad about you and your tax reputation. If you decide to go native, in 45 days you can become a member of TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals for $199.95 per year. An investment in your online tax reputation is the smartest decision you can make in your tax career!

As TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings founded the leading tax services marketplace for tax consultants and corporate decision-makers online. Our mission is building strong, trusted relationships between corporate tax and financial executives and tax experts providing a wide range tax services and resources worldwide. In addition to TaxConnections online “Find A Tax Professional” and “Ask Tax Question” search features, we also provide internationally recognized retained search services to multinationals who want “best in the profession” corporate tax executives. Contact or call 858.999.0053 at

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  1. Salim says:

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks for your email. Not sure if you are referring to Ryan Deiss’s event that you attended earlier this year re: traffic experts. I was there :). Great event it was.

    Quickly about me: I own an 8 person CPA firm (

    Also own a marketing consulting company for CPAs ( Website undergoing changes today.)

    I am open to explore how we may be able to collaborate together. Please let me know if you are.


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