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You Deserve To Be Recognized And Respected For Your Tax Expertise…TaxConnections Membership Promotes You Worldwide To An Audience Who Comes To Find You!

  1. Meet new clients from all over the world who need you.
  2. Promote your tax books, tax blogs and publications.
  3. Answer tax questions and meet new clients worldwide.
  4. Promote your tax webinars, events and conferences.
  5. Find remote and full-time work with our audience.
  6. Proactively get noticed by corporate executives globally.
  7. Access multiple research reports we provide members.
  8. Receive a virtual tax office address with membership.
  9. Check out our Amazon Alexa Analytics – impressive.

As TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings founded the leading tax platform connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide. TaxConnections blogs educate tax professionals and taxpayers on the impact of tax laws affecting citizens all over the world.

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