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The Rise Of The Remote Tax Workforce – Where Are These Tax Jobs?

Kat Jennings

For every tax professional who takes the time to comment on an article, there are many more thinking the same. In the case of my recent post, the partial title was “The Rise Of The Remote  Tax Workforce”.

One of the comments on this post stated “As a baby boomer, your recent articles on wanting to work remotely to have increased flexibility strikes a chord with me. One of my managers recently left our company in the indirect tax department because he could stay in the DFW area and work from home on property tax for the corporate office which is several hundred miles away and he only has to go to headquarters on a quarterly basis for a couple of days at their quarter end process.

My question is where do you find these positions in the indirect tax world? I didn’t know if there was more of these opportunities in direct tax and far fewer in the indirect tax world, but I am sure there are many other professionals in indirect tax that are asking the same question.

As TaxConnections CEO, I can assure you that more of these roles are emerging every day. The market is demanding these roles and particularly so for highly intelligent, technically trained tax professionals who simply do not want to retire. Baby boomer tax professionals spent years developing their highly technical tax expertise and they want to continue to use these skills. Employers love hiring them because they require no training, no handholding, no babysitting, no desire to advance and take their bosses job. This group of tax professionals is working longer and smarter and enjoying the flexibility of being part of a remote workforce. Highly trained tax professionals working remote is a growing trend.

Years ago, professionals in the public accounting services firms initiated a remote workforce with hoteling. Hoteling is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as needed basis, rather than the traditional permanently reserved space. With consultants increasingly working at clients’ location, on a plane, train or airport lobby, views have shifted to flexibility.  In addition, ones’ ability to connect easily with others via a computer screen has also been impactful. Digital nomads now travel the world using innovative new technologies to work remotely from any location they choose. The world is changing in how we work and what locations we work from, company’s attitudes are changing, too.

There is a growing number of organizations who understand their talented tax professionals are more productive when they have the flexibility to work from home. In the world of tax expertise, it is the experienced and trained professional who is most productive. Companies who have experienced remote tax professionals get the work done will tell you they agree. The expectations of the role are set up front and put in writing; milestones are met and on time; you have tax professionals you can rely on. As the manager of their work, you must review their work with them to spot issues. A simple call on a Monday and a follow up after that ensure the work is done properly.

How do you find a remote tax role in a corporation, public accounting firm, or law firm today? Technology is advancing in such a way that new remote roles are emerging in the tax profession globally. We encourage tax professionals who desire to work remotely, let it be known on our tax platform. As companies struggle to find the talent they need to do the work, they will look for alternatives and open their eyes to the talent pool that appears on  Let it be known you want remote work in your specialty area;  make it easier for people to identify you on a site that people spend considerable time searching for tax expertise. Pay attention and look at the facts provided by real metrics. Then the next most important step you must take is to take real action!

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Kat Jennings, CEO

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